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Core courses in theory and practice of international studies (24 ECTS)

  • Advanced Theories of International Relations (8 ECTS, Semester 1)
  • Issues, Actors and Policy in International Studies (4 ECTS, Semester 2)
  • Theories of International Studies (Security, Development, Governance) (8 ECTS, Semester 3)
  • Contemporary Debates in International Studies (4 ECTS, Semester 3)

Core courses in research methods in international studies (22 ECTS)

  • Research Methods I – The Logic of Social Research (6 ECTS, Semester 1)
  • Research Methods II - Probability, Inference, Regression (4 ECTS, Semester 2)
  • Research Methods III – Multiple Regression, Categorical Models (4 ECTS, Semester 3)
  • Research Methods IV – Advanced Qualitative Methods (4 ECTS, Semester 3)
  • Issues and Trends in Research Methods (4 ECTS, Semester 4)

Electives in advanced research methods and techniques (8-24 ECTS)

  • Tentative course list to be announced soon.