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Robert Kissack

Robert Kissack

Head of Studies

Associate Professor


I have been at IBEI since 2008. My research profile is at the intersection of the foreign policy of the European Union (EU) and international organisation. More specifically, it has centred on the EU as an actor in the multilateral system and my book Pursuing Effective Multilateralism… (Palgrave 2010) was one of the first in this field. I specialise in examining the capacity of the EU to operate in many different multilateral organisations, including the ILO, FAO, UN General Assembly and Security Council, the WTO and the IMF. I have worked in two research projects in this area, EU-Perform (funded by the European Science Foundation) and EUN-NET, a brand new Jean Monnet Network (2017-2019). I also work closely with colleagues at IBEI, including Esther Barbé, Oriol Costa and Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués in many projects on European foreign policy.

I teach one of the core courses of the Masters in International Relations, International Relations Theory, during the first semester, as well as a core course in the Master in International Development, Governance National and Global Institutions, also in first semester. I am also Head of Studies and Coordinator of the IR programme. 

Background and education

  • (1999) MSc in International Relations, London School of Economics
  • (1997) BA Politics and Economics, School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS)
  • (2006) PhD in International Relations, London School of Economics

Professional memberships & affiliations

  • International Studies Association (ISA)
  • University Association of Contemporary European Studies (UACES)
  • European Union Studies Association (EUSA)


Research interests

  • European Union foreign Policy
  • international organisation
  • International Relations

Selected publications

  • Barbé, Esther; Costa Fernández, Oriol; Kissack, Robert2016The EU policy responses to a shifting multilateral systemHoundmills Basingstoke Hampshire:Palgrave MacmillanLink
  • Kissack, Robert.2015'Man Overboard!' Was EU Influence over the MLC lost at sea?Journal of European Public Policy,22 (9):1295-1315Link
  • Kissack, Robert2014.The EU and Human Rights PromotionIn: A. K. Aarstad, E. Drieskens, K. E. Jørgensen, K. V. Laatikainen & B. Tonra (eds.)The Sage Handbook of European Foreign Policy(pp. 820-834).SAGE (2014)
  • Kissack, Robert2013.The European Union and Multilateralism.In: K. E. Jørgensen & K. V. Laatikainen (eds.)Routledge Handbook on the European Union and International Institutions(pp. 405-415).London:Routledge
  • Kissack, Robert.2013The EU’s Performance in the International Labour OrganizationJournal of European Integration,33(6):651-665Link
  • Kissack, Robert.2013How to Lose Friends and Alienate People’? The EU as a global social powerJournal of European Social Policy,Vol. 19(2):99-116Link
  • Kissack, Robert2010Pursuing Effective Multilateralism: The European Union, International Organisations and the Politics of Decision MakingBasingstoke:PalgraveLink
  • Kissack, Robert.2010When European Union Member State voting cohesion does not matter: Lessons learnt about majoritarian decision-making from the ILOStudia Diplomatica,62(1):55-73
  • Kissack, Robert2009.Writing a new normative standard? EU member states and the drafting and ratification of ILO labour standardsIn: J. Orbie & L. Torrell, (eds.)The European Union’s Role in the World and the Social Dimension of Globalisation(pp. 98-112).Routledge
  • Kissack, Robert.2008EU Actorness in the International Labour Organisation: Comparing declaratory and voting cohesionGlobal Society,22(4):469-489