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Numerical indicators: Master's in International Development

Basic Data

Basic data
First edition of the studies 2016-17
Date of the current study plan 2016
Duration of the study plan (years) 1
RUCT Code 4315516
ECTS credits 60
BOE Publication 24/10/2017

Access and Registration

Number of places offered 20 25
New entry students 13 26
Demand 112 208
D/O Ratio 5,6 8,32

Master's Global results

Yield rate 92%
Efficiency rate 104,25%
Graduation rate 88,88%
Abandonment rate 0%
*Course 2016-17: Students who are still doing internships or students who are doing an exchange and deliver the TFM by the end of January 2018 are not included.

Satisfaction Grade

Satisfaction of the students with the teaching received2016-17
Admissions process works correctly 8.30
Teachers are good at explaining the subject 7.51
Teachers make the courses interesting 7.15
Material is appropriate 7.69
Punctuation system is clear 6.17
Punctuation system is fair 6.31
I am satisfied with the Master's 8
Master's Global Grade 7.75