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The qualifications awarded at IBEI are regulated by an Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS), whose utmost supervision is ruled by the Institute’s Scientific Council, which evaluates the satisfaction of students and overall operation of the programmes, in order to guarantee the continual improvement of Master's degrees, and to subsequently report to the institution’s  highest governing body, the Board of Patrons.

The aforementioned Council undertakes daily follow-up of the quality of the Master’s programmes, via the Commission for Quality Teaching, the organisation responsible for managing, instigating and monitoring the Internal Quality Assurance System for the postgraduate training programmes run at the Institute. 

The IQAS includes the following documents: 

Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS) 
Teaching Quality Committee (TQC)
Improvement Plan (IQAS) (Spanish)


Annex 1. Surveys:

a. Model of Satisfaction Survey for qualification 1st Term
b. Model of Satisfaction Survey for qualification 2nd Term
c. Model of Students' Satisfaction Survey for subjects
d. Model of Teacher's Survey
e. Model of Survey of former students:

Annex 2. Procedures

Annex 3. Professional Integration:

a. Employment Survey 2017 (graduate promotions 2013-2016)
b. Employment Survey 2015 (graduate promotions 2010-2014)
c. Employment Survey 2013 (graduate promotions 2004-2012)

Annex 4. IBEI Research Reports:

a. IBEI Research Report 2016-17
b. IBEI Research Report 2014-15
c. IBEI Research Report 2012-13
d. IBEI Research Report 2008-11