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Coordination team

Academic Coordination

The academic coordinator is responsible for attending to any doubts or queries students have about subject contents, as well as for resolving any problems of an academic nature that may arise during the course. He is also in charge of authorising any changes to matriculation. The academic coordinator carries out tutorials that are personalised for each student and supervises students' progress during the programme.

Academic Office and Teaching Quality Assurance

The Academic Office and Teaching Quality Assurance is responsible for managing the Master programme, students and teaching staff. They are available to answer queries from both students and teachers, as well as deal with the matriculation process and the material needed for each subject. They also monitor attendance, coordinate the course calendar and handle coursework submission and academic records. It also manages the internship programme and the quality assurances processes.


The Admissions Office is responsible for the promotion of postgraduate programmes, admissions of new students, coordination of scholarships and grants. The Office also coordinates the International Mobility Programme.