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Tuition fees

The tuition fee of the chosen master’s programme is calculated according to the ECTS credits you will be enrolling for through our online system. The price of the complete tuition fee is obtained by multiplying the number of credits enrolled by the price per credit (€180.33).

The tuition fee of €11,000 includes 60 +1 ECTS credits and provides thus for one extra ECTS as the combination of 4 ECTS and 3 ECTS elective courses may add up to 61 ECTS. You will have to pay for any extra ECTS you may wish to enrol in addition to the 61 ECTS. If you were to enrol for exactly 60 ECTS, your tuition fee will be €10,819.80.

If you prefer to pay the tuition fees before enrolling in your courses at the end of September, you will be able to do so. In that case, you should make a bank transfer of €11,000 and IBEI will settle the final amount after you have completed your enrolment.

Tuition Fee Payment

Full-time programmes

You will enrol in your choice of courses during the first week of the first semester (the so-called “shopping week”) through our online system. Once you have completed your enrolment, the system will calculate your tuition fee, deducting the deposit which you paid when confirming your place as well as any grant or further discount.

You will be able to modify your course choice for the second semester during the second “shopping week” taking place in February 2019. Afterward, IBEI will settle your total tuition fees.

Part-time programme

If you are admitted to the part-time programme, you will enrol for a minimum of 30 ECTS during your first year and the remaining ECTS during your second year. This means that you will pay the first part of the tuition fees for the courses you are enrolling in during your first year, and the second part in September 2019 when enrolling in your course choice for the second year.

Visiting Students

IBEI will also admit a small number of visiting students who will only take selected courses of the Master's in International Relations. All students will be subject to the same admissions requirements as those students following one of the complete master's programme.

The tuition fees for visiting students are stated below:

  • €1,081.98 for a 6 ECTS credit course
  • €721.32 for a 4 ECTS credit course
  • €540.99 for a 3 ECTS credit course