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Governing bodies

IBEI Master’s programmes are subject to an Internal Quality Assurance System. It is the responsibility of IBEI’s Scientific Council, which evaluates student satisfaction and the global functioning of the programme, to adapt (if necessary) the study plan for the Master’s degrees and subsequently inform the Board of Patrons (the Institute’s highest governing body).

The Council carries out the day-to-day quality control of the Master’s programme through the Teaching Quality Committee, which is responsible for managing, coordinating and carrying out the follow-up of the Internal Quality Assurance System for the Institute’s postgraduate training programme. The Committee consists of:

  • Ex officio members:
    • Director of IBEI
    • Manager of IBEI
    • Head of Studies of IBEI
    • Coordinator of the Master’s in International Relations
    • Coordinator of the Master’s in International Security
    • Coordinators of the Master’s in International Development
    • Coordinator of Master's Program in Public Policy (Mundus MAPP)
    • Head of the Academic Office and Teaching Quality Assurance
  • Three lecturers representing the universities that award the qualification (UPF, UB, UAB). These can be the same representatives of the three universities in the Scientific Council.
  • Three lecturers representing teaching staff contracted directly by IBEI, chosen from doctoral researchers with teaching responsibility on the Master’s degree.
  • Three students representatives from the Master’s programmes, chosen from the delegates.
  • Two representatives from IBEI staff.

The designated functions of the Teaching Quality Committee include:

  • Checking that the requirements of the Quality Policy and Objectives for teaching the Master’s degree are fulfilled.
  • Analysing and suggesting improvements to procedures of quality for teaching and staff
  • Assessment and improvement of quality in terms of teaching and staff
  • Quality guarantee for external work placements and mobility programme
  • Analysis of the employability of title holders and level of satisfaction with training received.
  • Analysis of the satisfaction of different groups involved and the treatment of suggestions and complaints.
  • Conducting the development and follow-up of different processes that make up the system, such as the identification and coordination of units involved.
  • Developing proposals for improving the quality system for the training programme, which are presented to the Scientific Council for implementation, follow-up and assessment.

In this way, the procedures for assessing and improving quality in terms of teaching and teaching staff primarily include the following:

  1. Assessment questionnaires
  2. Evaluation of learning-related results
  3. Semester meetings with teaching staff
  4. Regular programme coordination meetings with student representatives

Assessing the results of these different actions provides relevant information for continual improvement in terms of content and the development of the training programme. In addition, this is supported by learning improvement tools.

Together with the Teaching Quality Committee, the management team at IBEI (Director, Manager, Head of Studies and Master’s programmes Coordinators), is in charge of coordinating and implementing actions of the Teaching Quality Committee. In turn, they are assisted by the figure of academic tutor whose main role is to respond to student queries.

Finally, as the Universitat Pompeu Fabra coordinates the section of the Master’s programmes that are delivered at IBEI, this university helps guarantee the quality of degrees by providing technical support through different units.