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Alumni Professional Stories

  • Cristina Giner

    Cristina Giner Leal

    IBEI alumni 2010-11, Senior reporter, EuroNews, World

    "When I worked as an international journalist I felt I was lacking an academic framework that would allow me to better analyse and understand the “reality”. IBEI’s MA gave me the academic background that I was lacking. It also gave me the opportunity to reach jobs that I could not have accessed. It was a very enriching experience. Not only on the academic side, which it undoubtedly was very valuable to my career, but also on the human-side. I felt we built quality relationships between students and also with professors. They were closely involved in our academic experience." 

  • Marta Santiago

    Marta Santiago

    IBEI alumni 2017-19, Head of communication & contents, Cercle d’Economia, Barcelona (Spain)

    "In a globalized world, with the constant increase of fake news and the emergence of populist and authoritarian movements, it is very important to have criteria to disentangle the information and to know what is true and what is not. Information is powerful and can do a lot of damage. I think this is what IBEI taught me the best: to analyze, assess and above all have a critical vision and not get carried away by appearances." 

  • Miguel Alberto Gomez

    Miguel Alberto Gomez

    IBEI alumni 2015, Senior Researcher, Center for Security Studies, Switzerland

    "I believe that my experience at IBEI was crucial in contributing to my long-term professional goal of being in academia. Coming from a Computer Science background, I wanted to transition to Security Studies. The training provided at IBEI gave me the necessary skillset to meet this objective. The masters programme, being more research oriented, gave me the necessary knowledge and mindset required for the role I am currently in. This applies to both me being a researcher and a doctoral candidate." 

  • Stefania De Santis

    Stefania De Santis

    IBEI alumni 2016-2017, Evaluation Support Consultant, Inter-American Development Bank, Washington D.C. (USA).

    "I have very good memories of my time at IBEI. I cherished the low student-staff ratio. Professors knew you; they would call you by your name and they were always available in case of need. This contributed to creating a very comfortable learning environment whereby interesting debates and discussions took place and no one felt ashamed of expressing hers/his opinion or of asking questions."

  • Federica Genna

    Federica Genna

    IBEI alumni 2015-2016, Junior Consultant Security & Justice at Ecorys, Rotterdam (Netherlands).

    "The knowledge I acquired during my Master’s degree served as a useful basis to build on as I started working in the field of international security. The Master’s helped me strengthen my analytical, writing and public presentation skills, and the courses I took inspired me to continue pursuing a career in this area. But perhaps most importantly, IBEI gave me the opportunity to learn how to live and work in a multicultural environment." 

  • Juan Masullo

    Juan Masullo

    IBEI alumni 2010-2011, Lecturer at the Department of Politics and International Relations of the University of Oxford.

    "My research (and teaching) falls at the intersection of international relations and comparative politics. IBEI's program gave me opportunity to devote almost a full year to strengthen my conceptual and theoretical foundations in the field of international relations – something that ended opening some doors down the road. At IBEI I also meet faculty members that gave me great advice and inspired me."

  • Mariona Oliva

    Mariona Oliva Escudé

    IBEI alumni 2018-2019, Head of the Department of Environmental and Social Studies at WSP Colombia, Bogotá (Colombia)

    "I think the master helped me to better understand many of the existing problems in Latin America and the EMEA region, and particularly the reasons why it is so difficult to progress in the infrastructures Field. It also prepared me to understand the social aspects of the Environmental problems and how to deal with different cultures, backgrounds, etc."

  • Lara Sampaio

    Lara Sampaio

    IBEI alumni 2014-2016, Researcher and Public Policy Specialist at the Brazilian Ministry of Economics, Brasilia (Brazil).

    "A key benefit from the master course was the advancement of my knowledge in research theory and methods. I followed different courses, both at CEU and at IBEI, that gave me a solid understanding of the possibilities and limitations of doing research in the social field. Additionally, the courses that discussed poverty reduction and development put me in contact with recent discussions on these topics."

  • Ana García Juanatey

    Ana García Juanatey

    IBEI alumni 2006-2007, Professor at CEI International Affairs, Barcelona (Spain).

    "I chose IBEI’s Master because it had great professors and was interdisciplinary and research-oriented; in addition to that, it was based in Barcelona, a city I wanted to live in. I do have great memories, but I must admit it was an intense year as we had to work a lot. The quality of the teaching was excellent, as I expected, so I enjoyed the courses very much, as well as the international environment."

  • Manuel Herrera

    Manuel Herrera

    IBEI alumni 2017-2018, Intelligence Analyst at Accenture, Lisbon (Portugal).

    "My experience at IBEI can only be described as extremely positive. Both at the level of studies/knowledge and at the level of human relations, my feeling is one of general satisfaction. Not only does IBEI have a staff of great teachers with recognized national and international prestige, but they are also empathetic and professional enough to accompany and help the student throughout the entire intellectual formation process. Likewise, at the student level, I have met some really extraordinary people and I have kept many friends from my time at the centre".