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Alumni Professional Stories

  • Ana María Arbeláez Trujillo

    Ana María Arbeláez Trujillo

    IBEI alumni 2017-18, Phd Researcher Riverhood Project, Wageningen University (Netherlands)

    "I believe that academia must actively engage with the grand societal challenges of our times. Therefore, I want my academic work to contribute to a fairer society. The Mundus MAPP Program offers a unique blend of critical theory and practical skills that are key to heading in that direction. IBEI is a unique place to share and exchange ideas. I have very good memories of our debates in and after class. People from our cohort were very active and promoted exciting initiatives such as the Argus Magazine."

  • Luoyi Zhou

    Luoyi Zhou

    IBEI alumni 2016-17, Communication Specialist, World Health Organization, Beijing (China). 

    "My time at IBEI was intense yet rewarding. It was also a great sense of achievement when thinking how much you could work on and learn just within one year. The master programme equipped me with both theoretical and methodological knowledge that is essential to the realm of international relations. It also prepared me to work in a multicultural setting. Plus, I enjoyed studying with students from all over the world who always inspired me with different perspectives. As well, I also liked the professor/student ratio which would allow you to develop closer relationships with your classmates and professors."

  • Camila Aviña Zavala

    Camila Aviña Zavala

    IBEI alumni 2005-06, Member of the Mexican Foreign Service. Deputy Director General for Development, Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Mexico).

    "Being a Diplomat has been a challenging but rewarding experience. Not only have I been able to apply my knowledge, but I keep learning from every country and every duty I’ve been assigned. IBEI taught me a lot about adaptation to multicultural environments, respecting the diversity of opinions and perspectives on issues on the international agenda. All these tools have been very useful to me, not only to join the Foreign Service, but to live and work in different countries. Being awarded the Carolina Scholarship to study at IBEI was one of the worthiest opportunities in my life."

  • Gemma Sykes

    Gemma Sykes

    IBEI alumni 2009-11, Deputy head of mission at the British Embassy, Quito (Ecuador)

    "It was interesting for me to get a different, non-UK perspective on IR and on the world. Meeting students and professors from different countries was a big part of the attraction for me, as well as being able to study for a bilingual Master’s degree. I learned a lot which has put me in good stead in my career. I think for anyone who wants to work in the international system (e.g. UN, international NGOs), the Master’s can be an excellent grounding. Make the most of it and don’t waste the opportunity."

  • Jennifer A. Patterson

    Jennifer A. Patterson

    IBEI alumni 2009-10, Regional Communications and Public Information Officer, Regional Office for Africa, International Labour Organization, Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire)

    "Living in Barcelona and passing the Senegalese street vendors on my way to and from class each day inspired me to write a paper on them for my African Studies class. That paper then inspired the topic of my master’s thesis on Senegalese migration in Europe, which eventually led to my work in Africa. After handing in my master’s dissertation, I travelled to Portugal on assignment for a travel magazine, then to Senegal. Soon, with luck and persistence, I was offered an internship at the United Nations Development Programme Regional Centre for West and Central Africa in Dakar. It was a dream come true to finally be working for the UN." 

  • Evan McCaffrey

    Evan McCaffrey

    IBEI alumni 2018-19, Communications Consultant, The International Center for Not-for-Profit Law, World (remote).

    "I chose the Master’s in International Relations because I realized that I was occupying a lot of my time with reading and studying about international affairs and politics. So, I figured that I might as well make a career out of my interests. The defining moment that led me to pursue this Master’s, was my reporting on the Las Ramblas terrorist attack. I realized quite clearly at that moment, that we as individuals cannot ignore international politics and issues, regardless if we want to or not. It was clear that we live in a highly globalized world that is relying on a fragile peace, that can be disrupted if we do not make a unified effort internationally."

  • Cristina Giner

    Cristina Giner Leal

    IBEI alumni 2010-11, Senior reporter, EuroNews, World (remote).

    "When I worked as an international journalist I felt I was lacking an academic framework that would allow me to better analyse and understand the “reality”. IBEI’s MA gave me the academic background that I was lacking. It also gave me the opportunity to reach jobs that I could not have accessed. It was a very enriching experience. Not only on the academic side, which it undoubtedly was very valuable to my career, but also on the human-side. I felt we built quality relationships between students and also with professors. They were closely involved in our academic experience." 

  • Marta Santiago

    Marta Santiago

    IBEI alumni 2017-19, Head of communication & contents, Cercle d’Economia, Barcelona (Spain).

    "In a globalized world, with the constant increase of fake news and the emergence of populist and authoritarian movements, it is very important to have criteria to disentangle the information and to know what is true and what is not. Information is powerful and can do a lot of damage. I think this is what IBEI taught me the best: to analyze, assess and above all have a critical vision and not get carried away by appearances." 

  • Miguel Alberto Gomez

    Miguel Alberto Gomez

    IBEI alumni 2015, Senior Researcher, Center for Security Studies, Zurich (Switzerland).

    "I believe that my experience at IBEI was crucial in contributing to my long-term professional goal of being in academia. Coming from a Computer Science background, I wanted to transition to Security Studies. The training provided at IBEI gave me the necessary skillset to meet this objective. The masters programme, being more research oriented, gave me the necessary knowledge and mindset required for the role I am currently in. This applies to both me being a researcher and a doctoral candidate." 

  • Stefania De Santis

    Stefania De Santis

    IBEI alumni 2016-2017, Evaluation Support Consultant, Inter-American Development Bank, Washington D.C. (USA).

    "I have very good memories of my time at IBEI. I cherished the low student-staff ratio. Professors knew you; they would call you by your name and they were always available in case of need. This contributed to creating a very comfortable learning environment whereby interesting debates and discussions took place and no one felt ashamed of expressing hers/his opinion or of asking questions."