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Alumni Professional Stories

  • Mina Popović

    Mina Popović

    IBEI Alumni 2013-14, Programme Assistant at The South Eastern and Eastern Europe Clearinghouse for the Control of Small Arms and Light Weapons/UNDP, Belgrade (Serbia)

    "My experience at IBEI was definitely beyond my expectations. IBEI’s course of study enabled me to gain a great deal of both theoretical and practical knowledge in the realm of international relations. The courses prepared me for my future working career and instilled added passion to my already interest in this field. I learned so much in just one year! My professors were outstanding and I particularly enjoyed the fact that they came from diverse backgrounds."

  • Raimon Puigjaner

    Raimon Puigjaner

    IBEI Alumni 2006-07, Co-founder & Partner at Roots for Sustainability, Barcelona; and President at B Lab Spain, Barcelona.

    "I assume that all IBEI students have an interest and are motivated to address global challenges. Thus, I would encourage them to think out of the box and use the knowledge they gain in unconventional manners. Because we are experiencing a systemic change, and the world needs innovative responses for challenging uncertainties."

  • Sanja Bauer-Mitranic

    Sanja Bauer-Mitranic

    IBEI Alumni 2013-14, currently working as Policy Officer at the Austrian Ministry of the Interior, Vienna (Austria).

    "I miss receiving high quality education and meeting ambitious people from around the world while at the same time living in a Mediterranean city that gives you positive energy for pursuing your dreams. Even now, 5 years after graduation, I am convinced that it was the best choice for me to study at IBEI."

  • Robert Bach Casanovas

    Robert Bach Casanovas

    IBEI Alumni 2008-09, currently working as the Director of the Nairobi office – East African Markets, of Catalonia Trade & Investment, Nairobi (Kenya).

    "Working in African countries is a challenging job and requires for cultural adaptation. Spending a full year immersed in a group of students from the five continents and very different backgrounds opened my mind and curiosity, which is a requirement in my current work. The master programme also provided me with analytical skills and a critical attitude, which I deem useful not only for the work I do right now but for life in general. Overall, beyond the content of the courses, the master programme supported the growth of my technical, social, and organizational skills."

  • Diego Fernandez

    Diego Fernandez Fernandez

    IBEI Alumni 2013-14, currently working as a Senior Analyst at the Mo Ibrahim FoundationLondon (United Kingdom)

    "I chose IBEI Master’s in International Relations because I was passionate about learning about international relations between countries. IBEI seemed a natural choice for me if I wanted to be in an international study environment in Spain. The Master’s at IBEI gave me a broad perspective about the different topic clusters in the realm of international relations, taught me a great deal about how to be more analytical, and gave me the confidence that I needed to work in an international environment"

  • Emili Aldabó Ortuño

    Emili Aldabó Ortuño

    IBEI Alumni 2009-11, currently working as a Startup Project Manager Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona.

    "It was two intense years that I remember very intensely. For me it was very positive to be part of the IBEI community. The Master gave me an international dimension to my career, and I’m fully satisfied with my expectations. Now, I’m working as advisor of global start-up's in the achievement of goals, strategic growth, scale up and promoting innovation processes."

  • Felipe Ochoa Mogrovejo

    Felipe Ochoa Mogrovejo

    IBEI Alumni 2017-18, currently working as a Coordinator of the Directorate General for Students at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, Quito (Ecuador).

    "My experience at IBEI could be described as a merge between a strict academic environment and the perks of living in Barcelona for a year with 140 people from at least 40 different countries around the world. To live an experience where there is a balance between learning from professors with admirable academic backgrounds and sharing interesting opinions with a variety of people with different perspectives was, without a doubt, an unforgettable experience"

  • Tatiana Hoecker

    Tatiana Hoecker

    IBEI Alumni 2017-18, currently working as a World Mission Program Coordinator for the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas, San Antonio, TX (USA).

    "My master’s program aided me not only in the practical learning of the international development field, but in finding new ways to problem solve and analysis issues for sustainable change. My research and communication skills improved greatly during my time at IBEI and that has helped me greatly in this position. Additionally, my thesis topic related to the work of faith-based organizations in low income countries which is what this position focuses on."

  • Gerard Fernández

    Gerard Fernández

    IBEI Alumni 2014-15, currently working as a Communications Assistant for the European Forest Institute in Barcelona (Spain).

    "Today I can say that I’ve achieved my goal of working in the field of communication for international institutions and I truly believe that my experience at IBEI has been crucial in making it happen. If someone had told me four years ago that I would now be working in an international organisation in my hometown, collaborating on projects together with the European Union and many other regional bodies in the Mediterranean basin, I wouldn't believe them at all."

  • Anna De Marchi_foto

    Anna De Marchi

    IBEI alumni 2017-18, currently working as an Information officer and online writer at the European Commission in Brussels (BE).

    "I decided to study International Security to learn more about rising threats such as terrorism and discover how I can be useful and prevent other people from feeling unsafe. I chose IBEI for its programme that brings together human, cyber and national security, letting students free to find their bearings while providing them with solid theoretical frameworks. Being at the crossroads of different cultures, IBEI is the ideal place to experience different points of views on what security means"