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Alumni Professional Stories

  • Tatiana Hoecker

    Tatiana Hoecker

    IBEI Alumni 2017-18, currently working as a World Mission Program Coordinator for the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas, San Antonio, TX (USA)

    "My master’s program aided me not only in the practical learning of the international development field, but in finding new ways to problem solve and analysis issues for sustainable change. My research and communication skills improved greatly during my time at IBEI and that has helped me greatly in this position. Additionally, my thesis topic related to the work of faith-based organizations in low income countries which is what this position focuses on."

  • Gerard Fernández

    Gerard Fernández

    IBEI Alumni 2014-15, currently working as a Communications Assistant for the European Forest Institute in Barcelona (Spain)

    "Today I can say that I’ve achieved my goal of working in the field of communication for international institutions and I truly believe that my experience at IBEI has been crucial in making it happen. If someone had told me four years ago that I would now be working in an international organisation in my hometown, collaborating on projects together with the European Union and many other regional bodies in the Mediterranean basin, I wouldn't believe them at all."

  • Anna De Marchi_foto

    Anna De Marchi

    IBEI alumni 2017-18, currently working as an Information officer and online writer at the European Commission in Brussels (BE).

    "I decided to study International Security to learn more about rising threats such as terrorism and discover how I can be useful and prevent other people from feeling unsafe. I chose IBEI for its programme that brings together human, cyber and national security, letting students free to find their bearings while providing them with solid theoretical frameworks. Being at the crossroads of different cultures, IBEI is the ideal place to experience different points of views on what security means"

  • Eugenio Díaz Llabata

    Eugenio Díaz Llabata

    IBEI alumni 2012-13, currently working as a Press Officer in the European Parliament Liaison Office in Spain (Madrid).

    "The best thing about the Master’s degree at IBEI was the wide spectrum of optative subjects that you can choose while attaining a common and basic knowledge in the most important aspects of International Relations. The practical sessions with debates and presentations proved to be challenging at first, but these were one of the things that I value most now that I can look back, because this are real tests of what you are going to find outside"

  • Ada Mullol_foto

    Ada Mullol

    IBEI alumni 2013-2015, currently working as a Freelance Journalist and Coordinator of a publication on the MENA region, Barcelona.

    "My advice to all prospective IBEI students would be: take the Master’s really seriously and give the best of yourselves in every assignment and project – it is always worth it, and you will learn a great deal, even about the most unexpected topics that maybe were not among your main interests when you were thinking of studying at IBEI."

  • VictorRicoReche

    Víctor Rico Reche

    IBEI alumni 2012-2013, currently working as a Policy Officer at the European Commission

    "Through this master, I had the opportunity to work as an intern at the Embassy of Spain in South Korea. Immediately after that internship, I found a job in a Korean company and I stayed working in Seoul for almost two years."

  • Xavier Palacios_foto

    Xavier Palacios

    IBEI alumni 2012-2013, currently working as a Freelance – Political Analyst (Spain - Cyprus).

    "Besides strong academic bases, this programme prepared me to have a better awareness of current global political trends in international relations and how to understand them. Moreover, IBEI also prepares you for working on multicultural environments, a key issue for students who want to develop their professional career at an international level."

  • Guillaume Berret Coppi

    Guillaume Berret Coppi

    IBEI alumni 2014-2015, currently working as a Project Officer at the World Association of the Major Metropolises – Metropolis (Barcelona, Spain).

    "I enjoyed the quality of the program and classes, the implication of the professors to provide intellectually stimulating contents, the kindness of the administrative staff always ready to help. I also enjoyed that other students were coming from other background than I.R or political science, that openness made the debates in class always interesting!"

  • Virgina (Hui) Zhang

    Virgina (Hui) Zhang

    IBEI alumni 2012-2013, MBA/MA student of Wharton Business School & Lauder Institute of the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, USA)

    "My education at IBEI prepared me to deal with the sophisticated dynamics existing between governments, indigenous groups, and other stakeholders. The development courses at IBEI laid out a solid foundation for me to understand the infrastructure sector in Latin America, and the cases we studied in classes turned out to be highly applicable when dealing with similar situations in real life."

  • Lisa Stegall

    Lisa Stegall

    IBEI alumni 2014-2015, currently working as a Project Manager Economic & Social Development at KfW Development Bank (Middle East, Frankfurt, Germany).

    "The Master’s in International Relations definitely prepared me for the political dimension of my work and helped me understand the history and background of the ongoing conflicts in the region I am now working in."