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Alumni Professional Stories

  • Federica Genna

    Federica Genna

    IBEI alumni 2015-2016, Junior Consultant Security & Justice at Ecorys, Rotterdam (Netherlands).

    "The knowledge I acquired during my Master’s degree served as a useful basis to build on as I started working in the field of international security. The Master’s helped me strengthen my analytical, writing and public presentation skills, and the courses I took inspired me to continue pursuing a career in this area. But perhaps most importantly, IBEI gave me the opportunity to learn how to live and work in a multicultural environment." 

  • Juan Masullo

    Juan Masullo

    IBEI alumni 2010-2011, Lecturer at the Department of Politics and International Relations of the University of Oxford.

    "My research (and teaching) falls at the intersection of international relations and comparative politics. IBEI's program gave me opportunity to devote almost a full year to strengthen my conceptual and theoretical foundations in the field of international relations – something that ended opening some doors down the road. At IBEI I also meet faculty members that gave me great advice and inspired me."

  • Mariona Oliva

    Mariona Oliva Escudé

    IBEI alumni 2018-2019, Head of the Department of Environmental and Social Studies at WSP Colombia, Bogotá (Colombia)

    "I think the master helped me to better understand many of the existing problems in Latin America and the EMEA region, and particularly the reasons why it is so difficult to progress in the infrastructures Field. It also prepared me to understand the social aspects of the Environmental problems and how to deal with different cultures, backgrounds, etc."

  • Lara Sampaio

    Lara Sampaio

    IBEI alumni 2014-2016, Researcher and Public Policy Specialist at the Brazilian Ministry of Economics, Brasilia (Brazil).

    "A key benefit from the master course was the advancement of my knowledge in research theory and methods. I followed different courses, both at CEU and at IBEI, that gave me a solid understanding of the possibilities and limitations of doing research in the social field. Additionally, the courses that discussed poverty reduction and development put me in contact with recent discussions on these topics."

  • Ana García Juanatey

    Ana García Juanatey

    IBEI alumni 2006-2007, Professor at CEI International Affairs, Barcelona (Spain).

    "I chose IBEI’s Master because it had great professors and was interdisciplinary and research-oriented; in addition to that, it was based in Barcelona, a city I wanted to live in. I do have great memories, but I must admit it was an intense year as we had to work a lot. The quality of the teaching was excellent, as I expected, so I enjoyed the courses very much, as well as the international environment."

  • Manuel Herrera

    Manuel Herrera

    IBEI alumni 2017-2018, Intelligence Analyst at Accenture, Lisbon (Portugal).

    "My experience at IBEI can only be described as extremely positive. Both at the level of studies/knowledge and at the level of human relations, my feeling is one of general satisfaction. Not only does IBEI have a staff of great teachers with recognized national and international prestige, but they are also empathetic and professional enough to accompany and help the student throughout the entire intellectual formation process. Likewise, at the student level, I have met some really extraordinary people and I have kept many friends from my time at the centre".

  • Mina Popović

    Mina Popović

    IBEI Alumni 2013-14, Programme Assistant at The South Eastern and Eastern Europe Clearinghouse for the Control of Small Arms and Light Weapons/UNDP, Belgrade (Serbia)

    "My experience at IBEI was definitely beyond my expectations. IBEI’s course of study enabled me to gain a great deal of both theoretical and practical knowledge in the realm of international relations. The courses prepared me for my future working career and instilled added passion to my already interest in this field. I learned so much in just one year! My professors were outstanding and I particularly enjoyed the fact that they came from diverse backgrounds."

  • Raimon Puigjaner

    Raimon Puigjaner

    IBEI Alumni 2006-07, Co-founder & Partner at Roots for Sustainability, Barcelona; and President at B Lab Spain, Barcelona.

    "I assume that all IBEI students have an interest and are motivated to address global challenges. Thus, I would encourage them to think out of the box and use the knowledge they gain in unconventional manners. Because we are experiencing a systemic change, and the world needs innovative responses for challenging uncertainties."

  • Sanja Bauer-Mitranic

    Sanja Bauer-Mitranic

    IBEI Alumni 2013-14, currently working as Policy Officer at the Austrian Ministry of the Interior, Vienna (Austria).

    "I miss receiving high quality education and meeting ambitious people from around the world while at the same time living in a Mediterranean city that gives you positive energy for pursuing your dreams. Even now, 5 years after graduation, I am convinced that it was the best choice for me to study at IBEI."

  • Robert Bach Casanovas

    Robert Bach Casanovas

    IBEI Alumni 2008-09, currently working as the Director of the Nairobi office – East African Markets, of Catalonia Trade & Investment, Nairobi (Kenya).

    "Working in African countries is a challenging job and requires for cultural adaptation. Spending a full year immersed in a group of students from the five continents and very different backgrounds opened my mind and curiosity, which is a requirement in my current work. The master programme also provided me with analytical skills and a critical attitude, which I deem useful not only for the work I do right now but for life in general. Overall, beyond the content of the courses, the master programme supported the growth of my technical, social, and organizational skills."