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Kaytlyn M. Gilner, IBEI alumni 2015-2016

Name and Last Name: Kaytlyn M. Gilner

Nationality: American

Master studied at IBEI: Master's in International Relations

Class: 2015-2016

Current working company, position and city: Global Education Consultant at EF Education First (United States).

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kaytlyngilner/

1. Why did you choose the IBEI Master’s in International Relations?

I chose the IBEI Master’s in International Relations because it was a highly ranked university with students from all over the world. It is also located in beautiful Barcelona with accommodation for English speakers.  

2. What is your experience at IBEI?

My experience at IBEI was great. I was immersed in a culturally diverse environment and was able to learn about global affairs from many different perspectives. I was able to take my new way of thinking and what I learned from this program and apply it to my life in the United States. I also met amazing, intelligent and motivated individuals from all over the world, that I am happy to call my friends.  

3. Describe your career path since graduating from the IBEI. What is your professional experience (your current position, your main functions)?

Since graduation at IBEI I have chosen to work in the field on international education and International Sales. 

I am currently a Global Education Consultant for a Swedish company where I work with and assist teachers around the nation and throughout the world in promoting international education and international travel to their students. I then am responsible for facilitating international travel and study abroad tours between schools and communities. 

My Bachelor’s degree is in Criminal Justice and Criminology with a minor focus in Speech Communications. In the past I was working in human and social services where I was responsible for finding and implementing government subsidized housing for homeless and mentally ill persons. Before that I was working with mentally ill teenagers in foster care. 

4. How did the master programme prepare you for the work you're doing now?

IBEI prepared me for my current position by allowing me to understand global and international initiatives. When working in a field with a diverse set of nationalities and backgrounds it is crucial to understand different cultures and backgrounds. IBEI fully prepared me for working in an international environment.

The program also taught me how to prioritize and manage large caseloads and projects in which I need to present in a timely manner and meet deadlines.

5. Is this more or less what you pictured yourself doing after the master programme?

I did not know exactly where I would find myself professionally after IBEI. I knew that I wanted to work in field that reflects my passion for global affairs and global education and that is what I found. I am happy with where I work and for what is to come. 

6. What advice would you give to current students who want to follow this career path? / Some advice to future IBEI students?

I would advise future students at IBEI to keep an open mind and allow themselves to expect the unexpected. IBEI is a great program with strong work ethic, but hard work pays off in the end and it is worth it. 

7. What do you miss most about the IBEI?

I miss most always current on global issues. At IBEI we are always being updated on current global affairs and are sure to be discussing it in classes. There were always conventions and conferences to attend where it was easy to connect with other scholars and researchers.