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Shared apartments

Finding accommodation in Barcelona can be complicated since the number of students keeps increasing year after year. One of the most economic options would be renting a room in a shared student apartment, which is what most IBEI students do. Depending on the room size, the apartment itself and the neighbourhood where the apartment is located, you may pay from €350 to €500 per month, usually including access to all the facilities. You can also rent an apartment on your own. There are many estate agencies that will help you find a place to rent in Barcelona, although the requirements and financial guarantees will be much stricter when using an agency. Normally they will ask for a permanent work contract, a bank guarantee and 2-3 months’ rent as a deposit.

You can also rent a flat through the Internet, where you will contact either an estate agency or directly with the owner. Nuroa is a real estate search engine grouping together all apartment, house and room rental or sale offers from all portals on a single web.

Attention! Do not pay or transfer money prior to visiting the apartment or signing a contract that is legitimate. Be careful.

Social programme

Another interesting option may be the Programa Viure i Conviure (Living Together), which is run by the foundation of the Catalan saving bank Catalunya Caixa. This programme offers you the possibility of living in the house of an elderly person in exchange for keeping them company.

Housing Service

Barcelona Resahousing is the accommodation service offered by all Barcelona universities to their students. This housing service offers complete accommodation services for international students and researchers. There are different options: flats to share, rooms in shared flats and/or short stays.

Torrent de l'Olla 219, 08012 Barcelona

Halls of residence

Generally, the number of vacancies in halls of residence is limited and the prices are relatively high, but they provide you with full services and rooms usually have en-suite bathrooms, central heating, telephone, Internet connection, furniture and other services. Staying at a student residence may also be a good option for your first month in Barcelona while you are looking for a permanent place to stay.