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Shared apartments

Finding accommodation in Barcelona can be complicated since the number of students keeps increasing year after year. One of the most economical options would be renting a room in a shared student apartment, which is what most IBEI students do. Depending on the room size, the number of people you share with, the apartment itself and the neighbourhood where the apartment is located, you may pay from €300 to €600 per month, usually including access to all the facilities. You can also rent an apartment on your own. There are many estate agencies that will help you find a place to rent in Barcelona, although the requirements and financial guarantees will be much stricter when using an agency. Normally they will ask for a permanent work contract, a bank guarantee and 2-3 months' rent as a deposit.


COTOWN offers rooms to students and young professionals in shared apartments. They currently have five locations in Barcelona, and you can check the apartments and room types on their website. IBEI students will benefit from 20% off on contract fees in their university apartments. In order to book a room you must contact COTOWN via email at book@cotown.com or call them at (+34) 935 952 939.

You can also rent a flat through the Internet, where you will contact either an estate agency or directly with the owner.

Attention! Do not pay or transfer money prior to visiting the apartment or signing a contract that is legitimate. Be careful.

Housing Services

BCU HOUSING is the accommodation service offered by the Barcelona university community to their students. This housing service offers complete accommodation services for international students and researchers. There are different options: apartments to share, rooms in shared apartments and/or short stays.

BCU Housing
Official housing service of Barcelona Centre Universitari
+34 932 389 072
Torrent de l'Olla 219,08012 Barcelona

ALUNI.NET has been providing housing services to students all over Spain since 1998. They offer rooms in fully-furnished student apartments with internet connection, so you can move right in. In addition to the shared flats that they manage and rent, they also organize regular activities for their residents, so they can meet other students in the city.You can book a room through their website. IBEI students will benefit from a discount. Admitted students should contact the Admissions Office (admissions@ibei.org) for more information.

(+34) 932 931 778 // barcelona@aluni.net
Carrer de Balmes 32, Ppal. 2º - 08007, Barcelona

Social programme

Another interesting option may be the Vivir y Convivir programme (Living Together), which is run by the Fundació Roure. This programme offers you the possibility of living in the house of an elderly person in exchange for keeping them company. You must be fluent in Spanish in order to be eligible for this programme. 

Halls of residence

Generally, the number of vacancies in halls of residence is limited and the prices are relatively high, but they provide you with full services and furnished rooms. They also have en-suite bathrooms, central heating, telephone, Internet connection and other services.

IBEI has housing agreements with the following companies, which offer discounts and/or priority booking for IBEI students.

Livensa Living

Livensa Living offers student housing in Spain and Portugal. They have two residences in Barcelona, with their location in Marina being only 15 minutes away by foot from IBEI. You can see all the amenities that they offer on Livensa Living's website. IBEI students will benefit from a discount. Admitted students should contact the Admissions Office (admissions@ibei.org) for more information.

Residencia ONIX

Onix has been present in Barcelona since 2004, and it is one of the student residences closest to IBEI, just under 15 minutes away by foot. Their rooms are fully furnished and equipped with a bathroom and a kitchenette with all necessary utensils. IBEI students will benefit from a discount. Admitted students should contact the Admissions Office (admissions@ibei.org) for more information.


RESA offers accommodation in a number of halls of residence in Barcelona. The “Campus del Mar” and “Ciutadella” residence halls are the closest to IBEI. IBEI has an agreement with Resa’s “Residència d’Investigadors”, which is available for Master’s students. You will find more information at https://www.resa.es/en/city/barcelona

In addition to this, IBEI students can get a discount in any of their residences across Spain through ResaInn. This is specially useful if you arelooking for a place to stay during your first month in Barcelona while you look for other housing options. In order to benefit from this discount, kindly contact the Admissions Office (admissions@ibei.org) to ask for the promotional code.


The Social Hub has a student residence in Poblenou. IBEI students who make a reservation through the Social Hub's website will enjoy a 2.5% discount on the price of a single or double room.

XIOR Student Housing

Xior Student Housing has student residences all over Europe, three of which are located in Barcelona. They have different types of rooms for students with different needs and budgets, and even offer meal plans for their residents. You can book from monthly to year-long stays. IBEI students will benefit from a discount. Admitted students should contact the Admissions Office (admissions@ibei.org) for more information.

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