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Andrea C. Bianculli

Andrea C. Bianculli

Associate Professor

Master's in International Relations Coordinator


Andrea C. Bianculli is an Associate Professor at the Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals (IBEI).

Previously, she was an assistant Professor and Juan de la Cierva-Incorporación Fellow at IBEI, and held a Post-doctoral Fellowship at the Research College 'The Transformative Power of Europe', Freie Universität Berlin. She was also a researcher at the Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales/FLACSO-Argentina.

Her research focuses on the interactions between governance, regulation, and development, from a comparative, regional and multilevel perspective, with a particular focus on Latin America and Europe.

Andrea is the author of Negotiating Trade Liberalization in Argentina and Chile: When Policy Creates Politics (Routledge 2017) and co-editor of Regional Organizations and Social Policy in Europe and Latin America: A Space for Social Citizenship? (with Andrea Ribeiro Hoffmann, Palgrave 2016) and of Accountability and Regulatory Governance. Audiences, Controls and Responsibilities in the Politics of Regulation (with Xavier Fernández-i-Marín and Jacint Jordana, Palgrave 2015). She has also published in Administration & Society, Global Public Health, Global Social Policy, Journal of European Social Policy, Politics and Governance, and Regulation & Governance, among other academic journals.

She is currently leading the project 'Rethinking the Fundamentals of Regions and Interregionalism: The European Union and Latin America through the Lenses of Regional Regulatory Governance (Reg-EULAC)’.

Background and education

  • (2010) PhD in Political and Social Sciences (Summa Cum Laude), Universitat Pompeu Fabra.
  • (2006) Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA), Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF).
  • (2004) M.A. in International Relations, Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO-Argentina).
  • (1993) B.A. (Licenciatura) in Sociology (Degree Awarded with Honours), Universidad de Buenos Aires.


  • 2015. Juan de la Cierva-Incorporación Fellowship, IBEI

  • 2012. Postdoctoral Fellowship, Kolleg-Forschergruppe (KFG) ‘The Transformative Power of Europe,’ Otto Suhr-Institute for Political Science, Freie Universität Berlin
  • 2011. Special Mention, Juan Linz Prize 2010-2011 for the Best Doctoral Dissertation in Political Science granted by the Centro de Estudios Políticos y Constitucionales


Research interests

  • Regionalism and regional governance
  • International Political Economy of Development
  • Trade Politics
  • Regulatory governance
  • Latin America

Selected publications

  • Bianculli, Andrea C..2023.Interregionalism, Trade and Standardization: The Long Road to the EU-MERCOSUR Trade Agreement and the Uncertainties Ahead.In:

    Duina, Francesco and Crina Viju-Miljusevic (Eds)

    Standardizing the World: EU Trade Policy and the Road to Convergence.Oxford:Oxford University Press,pp: 171-194.Link
  • Bianculli, Andrea C..2023.Auge y declive del regionalismo latinoamericano.In:

    Barragán, Mélany and Salvador Martí i Puig (Coord.)

    América Latina. Democracias frágiles y conflictividad.Valencia:Tirant Humanidades,pp: 361-384.Link
  • Bianculli, Andrea C.; Pascullo, Maela

    2022.Regional and Interregional Relations Between EU and South America. Weathering the COVID-19 Storm?.In:

    Deciancio, Melisa and Cintia Quiliconi (Eds)

    Regional and International Cooperation in South America After COVID: Challenges and Opportunities Post-pandemic.New York and London:Routledge,pp: 63-79.Link
  • Bianculli, Andrea C..2022.Regionalism and regional organisations: exploring the dynamics of institutional formation and change in Latin America.Journal of International Relations and Development,Link
  • Bianculli, Andrea C.; Ribeiro Hoffmann, Andrea; Nascimento, Beatriz

    2022.Institutional overlap and access to medicines in MERCOSUR and UNASUR (2008–2018). Cooperation before the collapse?.Global Public Health,LinkLogo open access
  • Bianculli, Andrea C.Jordana, Jacint; Ferrín Pereira, Mónica

    2021.Demandas lingüísticas y conflicto político en España.Centro de Estudios Políticos y Constitucionales. Mº de la Presidencia.LinkLogo open access
  • Bianculli, Andrea C..2021.Regulatory cooperation and international relations.Oxford Research Encyclopedia of International Studies.Oxford University Press.Link
  • Bianculli, Andrea C..2021.Regionalismo e integración regional en América Latina. El Mercosur: ¿un «nuevo» espacio para la regulación social?.Fundación Carolina,Documento de Trabajo N.º 42LinkLogo open access
  • Bianculli, Andrea C.; Ribeiro Hoffmann, Andrea

    2020.The IPE of global social policy governance.In:

    Ernesto Vivares (editor)

    The Routledge Handbook to Global Political Economy. Conversations and Inquiries.Routledge.LinkLogo open access
  • Bianculli, Andrea C..2020.Politicization and Regional Integration in Latin America: Implications for EU–MERCOSUR Negotiations?.Politics and Governance,Volume 8, Issue 1:254–265LinkLogo open access
  • Bianculli, Andrea C..2020.Spain and Latin America: from a special relation to detachment?.In:

    Diego Muro and Ignacio Lago (editors)

    The Oxford Handbook of Spanish Politics.Oxford University Press.LinkLogo open access
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