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Martijn Vlaskamp

Martijn Vlaskamp_foto

Research Fellow Marie Skłodowska-Curie, IBEI & Yale University


Martijn Vlaskamp is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Global Fellow at the IBEI and the MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale University. In his work, he studies EU Foreign Policy as well as the economies of armed conflicts with a special emphasis on the role of natural resources.

His fellowship from the European Commission finances the project GLONEXACO (The Global-Local Nexus of Armed Conflicts: The interlinkages between natural resource-fueled armed conflicts and the EU's raw materials supply). Martijn is a member of the research group Observatory of European Foreign Policy in Barcelona and affiliated to the Program on Order, Conflict and Violence at Yale.

Martijn received his PhD in International Relations and European Integration from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in 2014. In his dissertation, he studied the policies of the EU to curtail the trade in natural resources that fund armed conflicts. As part of his research he was a visiting fellow at the University of Cambridge (2012) and the Belgian Royal Institute for International Relations EGMONT (2013).

Martijn's research has been has been published in peer-reviewed journals and been presented on major academic conferences. He has been funded by the European Commission, the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competiveness, and the Fritz Thyssen Foundation.

Background and education

  • (2014) PhD in International Relations and European Integration, Autonomous University of Barcelona
  • (2009) MA in European Studies, Westphalian Wilhelms-University Münster (Germany)
  • (2009) MSc in European Studies, University of Twente (The Netherlands)
  • (2008) BSc/BA in Public Administration (dual degree), University of Twente (The Netherlands) and Westphalian Wilhelms-University Münster (Germany)

Professional memberships & affiliations

International Studies Assocation

European Union Studies Association


Research interests

  • EU foreign policy
  • Natural resources and conflicts
  • Conflict management
  • Armed Conflicts

Selected publications

  • Diego Muro; Vlaskamp, Martijn.2016How do prospects of EU membership influence support for secession? A survey experiment in Catalonia and ScotlandWest European Politics,39 (6):1115-1138Link
  • Lena Partzsch; Vlaskamp, Martijn.2016Mandatory Due Diligence for 'Conflict Minerals’ and Illegally Logged Timber: Emergence and Cascade of a New Norm on Foreign AccountabilityThe Extractive Industries and Society.,Link
  • Barbé, Esther (ed.); Vlaskamp, Martijn2014.La UE frente a las autoridades privadesLa UE en las Relaciones Internacionales(pp. 415-433).Madrid:TecnosLink
  • H.F.Carey (ed.) B. Kienzle E.Barbé; Vlaskamp, Martijn2014.An ever weaker Union? The European Union in Global Governance InstitutionThe European Union and Human Rights.Lanham (MD):Lexington Books/ Rowman and Littlefield
  • Vlaskamp, Martijn2014.“Gobernanza y autoridades privadas” (Governance and Private Authorities)In: Esther Barbé (ed.)La Unión Europea en las Relaciones Internacionales (The European Union in International Relations).(pp. 415-433).Madrid:TecnosLink
  • Vlaskamp, Martijn.2013Balancing fundamental rights protection and effective multilateralism: The EU and Zimbabwe’s Marange diamondsEuropean Foreign Affairs Review,18 (4):529-546.Link
  • Vlaskamp, Martijn2012.“La UE y el régimen internacional de diamantes: ¿Perdedora en el Proceso de Kimberley?” (The EU and the International Diamond Regime: A loser in the Kimberley Process?).In: Barbé Esther (ed.)Cambio mundial y gobernanza global. La interacción entre la Unión Europea y las instituciones internacionales (Worldwide Change and Global Governance. The Interaction Between the European Union and International Instititions)(pp. 199-215).Madrid:TecnosLink
  • Benjamin Kienzle; Vlaskamp, Martijn2010.,“Ni carne ni pescado: el perfil español en el ámbito de control de armas” (Nor Flesh Nor Fish: The Spanish Profile in the Field of Arms Control)In: Esther Barbé (ed.)Entre la irrelevancia internacional y el aprendizaje institucional: La presidencia española de la Unión Europea (Between International Irrelevance and Institutional Learning: The Spanish Presidency of the European Union).Bellaterra:IUEE, 93-98Link
  • Vlaskamp, Martijn.2010The Role of the European Union in the Processes to Ban Cluster MunitionsWorking Paper Observatori de Política Exterior Europea,84Link