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Carles Feixa

Carles Feixa

Full Professor, Universitat Pompeu Fabra


Carles Feixa Pàmpols (Lleida, 1962) is full professor of social anthropology at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona). He has a PhD from the University of Barcelona and an Honoris Causa from the University of Manizales (Colombia). Former professor at the University of Lleida, he has been visiting scholar in Rome, Mexico City, Paris, Berkeley, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Newcastle and Lima. He has specialized in the study of youth cultures, conducting fieldwork research in Catalonia, Mexico and Colombia. He is author or coauthor of more than 50 books, including De jóvenes, bandas y tribus (1998), Jovens na America Latina (2004), Global Youth? (2006), Youth, Space and Time (2016), La imaginación autobiográfica (2018), Oltre le bande (2020), El Rey. Diario de un Latin King (2020) y El Iti y su banda: Mierdas Punks (2022). He has been co-editor of the journal Young (UK) and member of the editorial board of Nueva Antropología (México), Revista Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales, Niñez y Juventud (Colombia), Última Década (Chile), Mondi Migranti (Italia), Analise Social (Portugal), among others. He has been a consultant on youth policies for the United Nations and VP for Europe of the research committee “Sociology of Youth” of the International Sociological Association. Nowadays he is coordinator of the Youth and Society Research Network and Principal Investigator of the European Research Council project TRANSGANG.

Background and education

  • (1990) PhD in Social Anthropology, Universitat de Barcelona
  • (1985) Degree in Geography and History, Universitat de Barcelona


  • 2006. Doctorate Honoris Causa in Social Sciences, Childhood and Youth

Professional memberships & affiliations

  • International Sociological Association


Research interests

  • Youth
  • Criminality
  • Gangs
  • Latin America
  • Migration

Selected publications

  • Mecca, Margot; Feixa, Carles

    2022.Etnografía y cine en la investigación antropológica. Reflexiones desde el proyecto Transgang. Disparidades.Revista de Antropología,77(1):1-14LinkLogo open access
  • Ballesté, Eduard; Feixa, Carles

    2022.Creating insecurity through youth street groups and applying security for control and governance. A case study of Latin Kings & Queens in Barcelona.Critical Criminology,30 (3):1-16LinkLogo open access
  • Feixa, CarlesSánchez‐García, José; Premat, Celia; Hansen, Nele

    2022.Failed Emancipations: Youth Transitions, Migration and the Future in Morocco.12(6),159LinkLogo open access
  • Damian, Sabrine; Feixa, Carles; Prat, Queralt; Luchoro, Rafael; Pic, Miguel; Rillo, Aaron; Sáez, Unai; Costes, Antoni; Lavega, Pere

    2021.The emotional states elicited in a Human Tower performance: Case study.Frontiers in Psychology,12, 61279LinkLogo open access
  • Feixa, Carles.2021.Generación blockchain: movimientos juveniles en la era de la web semántica.Revista Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales, Niñez y Juventud,19(1):1-20LinkLogo open access
  • Fernández-Planells, Ariadna; Orduña-Malea, Enrique; Feixa, Carles

    2021.Gangs and social media: A systematic literature review and an identification of future challenges, risks and recommendations.New Media and Society,23(7):2099-2124LinkLogo open access
  • Feixa, Carles; Aramayona, Begoña; Ballesté, Eduard; Páez de la Torre, Sonia

    2021.Bandas dentro, bandas fuera. (Des)securitización versus punitivismo de las organizaciones juveniles de calle en España, Ecuador y El Salvador.Análisis Político,34 (102):150-174LinkLogo open access
  • Guerra Paula; Feixa, Carles; Blackman, Shane; Ostegaard, Jeanette

    2020.Songs that Sing the Crisis: Music, Words, Youth Narratives in Late Modernity.Young,28(1):5-13Link
  • Feixa, Carles.2020.Identidad, Juventud y Crisis: el concepto de crisis en las teorías sobre la juventud.Revista Española de Sociología,29(3-2):57-72LinkLogo open access
  • Feixa, Carles; Figueras, Mònica

    2018.Emergence of (hybrid) youth cultures.Communication Theory,28(2):224-228LinkLogo open access
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