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Jordi Bonet

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Professor of International Public Law, UB

Department of Inetrnational Law and Economy


(1991) PhD with distinction from the Universitat de Barcelona (UB).
He has spent most of his professional career at the UB, with due regard to the time he spent as a visiting professor at several universities abroad, mainly in Latin America. He has given classes on general international public law as well as the specifics of international public law, such as International Protection of Human Rights and International Labour Law.
He was a member of the Board of Directors of the Catalan Human Rights Institute and of the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Observatory (DESC).
He is head research fellow on several research projects, such as "How International Human Rights Law Can Be Enforced in Times of Economic Crisis", funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (DER2009-10847). He is also head coordinator of the consolidated research group on International Law and International Relations, a group of 18 research fellows recognised and funded by the Catalan government (2008SGR1114).

Background and education

  • (1991) PhD in Law, University of Barcelona


Research interests

  • Globalisation and Functionality of the International Legal Order
  • International Law of Human Rights
  • Sources of public international law

Selected publications

  • Bonet, Jordi.2009.Las funciones del Derecho Internacional Público y las políticas económicas y sociales estatales: algunas consideraciones sobre su interacciónRevista Jurídica de la Universidad de Puerto Rico,78:701-744
  • Bonet, Jordi.2009.The European Social CharterIn: Gómez Isa, F. and De Feyter, K. (eds.)International Human Rights Law in a Global Context(pp. 689-744).Deusto, Bilbao:
  • Bonet, Jordi.2007.Mundialización y régimen jurídico internacional del trabajo. La Organización Internacional del Trabajo como referente político-jurídico universalBarcelona:Atelier
  • Bonet, Jordi.2003.Relaciones económicas y aplicación forzosa del Derecho internacional público: algunas consideraciones a propósito de la práctica de la Organización Internacional del Trabajo (OIT)Revista Española de Derecho Internacional,LV, 2003, 2:673-716
  • Bonet, Jordi.2003.Las políticas migratorias y la protección internacional de los derechos y libertades de los inmigrantes. Un análisis desde la perspectiva del ordenamiento jurídico españolBilbao:Universidad de Deusto
  • Bonet, Jordi.1996.Las reservas a los tratados internacionales, J. M Bosch editor, S.A., Barcelona, 1996.