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International Relations, Geopolitics and Global Governance (UOC, IBEI)

Jacint Jordana

Jacint Jordana
Director, IBEI
Professor of Political Science and Public Administration, UPF

He has a PhD in Economics (Universitat de Barcelona, 1992). He has been visiting fellow at the Copenhagen Business School, Australian National University, Wissenschafts Zentrum Berlin, University of California (San Diego) and Konstanz University. From 2005 to 2010 he was co-chair (together with David Levi-Faur) of the ECPR standing group on Regulatory Governance . Currently, he is director of the Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals (IBEI), an inter-university research institute devoted to international studies. 

Robert Kissack

Robert Kissack
Head of Studies and Associate Professor, IBEI

His research profile is at the intersection of the foreign policy of the European Union (EU) and international organisation. It has centred on the EU as an actor in the multilateral system and his book Pursuing Effective Multilateralism… (Palgrave 2010) was one of the first in this field. He specialises in examining the capacity of the EU to operate in many different multilateral organisations, including the ILO, FAO, UN General Assembly and Security Council, the WTO and the IMF. He has worked in two research projects in this area, EU-Perform (funded by the European Science Foundation) and EUN-NET, a brand new Jean Monnet Network (2017-19).

Ana S. Cardenal
Associate professor, UOC

Ana S. Cardenal is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and Associate Professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, where she teaches a course in Comparative Politics I. At the UOC, she also teaches this subject at the Master's level. Within the scope of comparative politics, she is the author of the book La democracia y la tierra. Political change in El Salvador (CIS, Collection: Monographs, No. 187, 2002) and editor (next to S. Martín) of the book Central America, the uncertain democracies (Barcelona: UAB-Tecnos, 1998). Currently, his research interests are focused on the areas of public opinion, the effects of the media and political behavior.