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Required documents

Applicants for the Master’s have to fill in the online application form and submit the following documents:

  • Undergraduate degree (certified copy) 
    In case you will not have yet obtained your undergraduate degree during the admissions process,  but you will be able to have it (completed and obtained) before it ends, your application will be evaluated and considered in the same way by the Admissions Committee. If you were accepted, you will have to send the certified copy before the start of the course.
  • Academic transcripts (certified copy) Brief, up-to-date curriculum vitae 
    Please indicate both academic and professional experience, as well as extra-curricular activities that may be of interest to the Admissions Committee. 
  • For non-native speakers, proof of proficiency in English and/or Spanish (depending on which programme you wish to apply for). 
    All applicants who do not qualify for a waiver will have to submit the result of one of the standard language exams accepted by IBEI.
  • Motivation letter
    Applicants should describe their personal, academic and professional (where applicable) experience and state the reasons for their interest in pursuing the respective master's programme (500-1,000 words). 
  • Two reference letters
    Your referees will be able to submit their reference letters through the application system. You will have to provide their details in the respective section of the application form and the system will then contact your referees directly with instructions on how to submit their reference letters.
  • Photocopy of identity card or passport
  • Recent digital passport-size photo

If the official documentation (for example the university degree and the academic transcripts) are not issued in Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Italian or Portuguese, you must also send us a Spanish or English translation by a sworn translator.

The curriculum vitae, the motivation letter and the reference letters must be submitted in English. 

*In case your are applying for the he curriculum vitae, the motivation letter and the reference letters must be submitted in either English, Spanish or Catalan.