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Laura Chaqués Bonafont

Laura Chaqués

Research Associate, IBEI

Professor, Universitat de Barcelona


Laura Chaqués Bonafont is Professor of Political Science at the University of Barcelona, and research fellow at the Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals (IBEI). She is leading the research group “Quality of Democracy” (www.Q-dem.com) aimed to analyze the interrelation between the governmental, parliamentarian and media agendas across time, issues, countries and levels of government in Spain in a comparative perspective. The project establishes a link between policy dynamics research and other areas of concern within political science, mainly media studies, political representation and the quality of democracy in multilevel systems of governance. It also provides new tools for the development of quantitative measurement of policy dynamics. Her last book is Agenda Dynamics in Spain (Palgrave 2015 with Frank Baumgartner and A. Palau). Her work also appears in academic journals like Comparative Political Studies, The British Journal of Political Science, West European Politics, Political Communication, or the Journal of Public Policy among others. At present her main research interests are the analysis of agenda dynamics in a comparative perspective paying especial attention to the role of the media, and interest groups, and the analysis of the quality of democracy in multilevel systems of governance. To do that, she collaborates actively with the comparative agendas project (www.comparativeagendas.net), aimed to provide new tools for the quantitative analysis of agenda dynamics across time, countries, policy issues and levels of governance. In 2014 she won the ICREA academia prize.    

Background and education

  • (1992) BA in Economics, University of Barcelona
  • (1997) Master in Political Science, New School for Social Research, New York
  • (1999) Phd Political Economy, University of Barcelona


Research interests

  • policy dynamics
  • Agenda Setting
  • political representation in a multilevel system of governance
  • interest groups

Selected publications

  • Chaqués, Laura; Baumgartner, Frank

    2015.All news is bad news: newspaper coverage of political parties in Spain.Political Communication,32 (2):268-291
  • Chaqués, Laura; Palau Ana Maria; Muñoz, Luz

    2015.Government-opposition dynamics in Spain under the pressure of economic collapse and the debt crisis.Journal of Legislative Studies,21 (1):75-95
  • Chaqués, Laura; Palau, Ana Maria; Baumgartner, Frank

    2015.Agenda dynamics in Spain.London:Palgrave
  • Chaqués, Laura; Binderkranz, A.L; Halpin, Darren

    2015.Diversity in the News. Interest Organisations in the Media: A Comparative Analysis in Denmark, Spain, and United Kingdom.Britisth Journal of Political Science,(forthcoming)
  • Chaqués, Laura; Palau, Ana Maria; Muñoz, Luz

    2014.Policy promises and governmental activities in Spain. In CH. Green-Pedersen; S. Walgrave (Eds) Agenda Setting, Policies and Political Systems: A Comparative approach.Chicago:Chicago University Press
  • Chaqués, Laura; Palau, Ana Maria; Muñoz, Luz; Montpetit, E

    2014.Divergence and Convergence of Policy Priorities among Sub-National Units in Federal Systems: The cases of Canada and Spain. Perspectives on Europe.
  • Chaqués, Laura; Baumgartner, Frank

    2013.Newspaper attention and policy activities in Spain.Journal of Public Policy,33:65-88
  • Chaqués, Laura; Palau, Ana Maria

    2011.Assessing the Responsiveness of Spanish Policymakers to the Priorities of their Citizens.West European Politics,34 (4):706-730
  • Chaqués, Laura; Palau, Ana Maria

    2011.Comparing law-making activities in a quasi-federal system of government. The case of Spain.Comparative Political Studies,44 (8):1089-1119
  • Chaqués, Laura; Palau, Ana Maria; Muñoz, Luz; Wilkerson, John

    2008.Comparing Governmental Agendas: Evolution of the Prioritization of Issues in the USA and Spain.IBEI Working Papers, 2008/14.Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals.