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Foreign Policy Analysis


Credits: 4 ECTS

Second semester

Elective Courses




Foreign policy can be understood as the sum of official external relations undertaken by a set of state representatives and/or other high level diplomatic actors. The foreign policy decision making is mediated by a set of internal structures (e.g. citizens, opposition, bureaucrats, and/or Constitutional frameworks) as well as a set of external structures (e.g. the international system, international norms, treaties and/or organizations, global economics, third states etc.). The task of the foreign policy analysis is therefore to identify the material and ideational factors in the internal and external environment which affect foreign policy decision making and implementation and theorize about their relation.

This course will provide the student with the basic tools of foreign policy analysis and further insights into its application on different actors in the current international system, with a special focus on state actors.


The assessment is based on the following elements:

  • The written and oral presentation of a brief analytical work (1,500 words) in Session 6. The topic and details of this work will be provided in the beginning of the course. The brief analytical work and its oral presentation will count for 40% of the final grade.
  • The written and oral presentation of the Final Essay (2,500 words). The Final Essay will consist of a formal essay with a structure that includes a clear description of the conceptual framework, the case study, the analysis, some justified conclusions, as well as sources and references. As for the oral presentation it will be based on a draft of the Final Essay and take place in Session 12 (the oral presentation will count for 10% of the final grade). The Final Essay will count for 50% of the final grade. The topic and details of this work will be provided in the beginning of the course.

The classes will adhere to the idea of active learning (student-centered learning), whereby students assume responsibility for a predominant part of their individual learning experience both inside and outside of the classroom.

 Summary of the elements of the assessment:

  1. Brief analytical work (mid-term evaluation): 40% of the grade
  2. Oral presentation, based on the draft version of the final essay: 10% of the grade
  3. Final essay: 50% of the grade

Competences, learning outcomes and teaching activities (PDF)