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12 · SEPTEMBER · 2017

A paper by Prof. Matthias vom Hau has been awarded the Editorial Best Paper Award by Comparative Political Studies (CPS)

The paper "Ethnicity in Time: Politics, History, and the Relationship between Ethnic Diversity and Public Goods Provision" by Prerna Singh and Matthias vom Hau has been awarded the Editorial Best Paper Award by Comparative Political Studies (CPS). The prize is given annually by the CPS editorial board to the best paper published with the journal in the previous year.

This article revisits and seeks to challenge one of the most powerful hypotheses in the political economy scholarship: the supposedly negative relationship between ethnic diversity and public goods provision.

Comparative Political Studies (CPS) is published fourteen times a year, offers scholarly work on comparative politics at both the cross-national and intra-national levels. Dedicated to relevant, in-depth analyses, CPS provides the timeliest methodology, theory, and research in the field of comparative politics.

Matthias vom Hau is an Associate Professor and Ramón y Cajal Researcher at the Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals (IBEI). He is also the Master's in International Development Co-coordinator.

A sociologist by training, he has a PhD (2007) from Brown University and previously held a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Manchester. His work is centrally concerned with the relationship between identity politics, institutions, and development, with a comparative-historical focus on Latin America.