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Rafa Martínez

Rafa Martínez-foto

Professor of Political Science and Public Administration, UB


Professor of Political Science (University of Barcelona).  He has been research Fellow at University of Pau (France), FNSP (Paris, France) and the University of California-Riverside (USA).  He has received the National Prize of Research given by the Ministry of Defence of Spain (2002).  His main publications are: Los mandos de las Fuerzas armadas españolas del siglo XXI, Madrid, CIS, 2007 (Best Book Award 2008 for the Spanish Association of Political Science); “Objectives for democratic consolidation in armed forces” in David Mares & Rafael Martínez (eds.) Debating Civil-Military Relations in Latin America, Brighton, Sussex Academic Press, 2013 (Best Chapter Award 2015 for the Spanish Association of Political Science); “Subtypes of coups d’état: recent transformations of a 17th century concept” Revista CIDOB d’Afers Internacionals n.108 (Best Article Award 2015 for Defense, Public Security and Democracy Section of Latin America Studies Association).