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Oriol Costa Fernández

Oriol Costa

Investigador asociado senior, IBEI

Profesor agregado, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona


Oriol Costa is a Senior Associate Researcher at IBEI and an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, where he currently acts as Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs.

His research looks at the interaction between the European Union and international institutions, with a special interest on how the latter shape the ways in which the EU acts in the international arena. He also does research on international environmental politics. He has edited two special issues (European Security, Politics and Governance) and two edited volumes (Palgrave), and has (co)authored several articles at journals such as Journal of European Public Policy, Comparative European Politics, European Security,  Cooperation and Conflict, Politische Vierteljahresschrift, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, Politics and Governance, South European Society and Politics, Mediterranean Politics, and others, as well as chapters in edited books (Palgrave, Springer, Policy Press, Routlede, Tecnos).

From 2007 to 2009 he held a Postdoctoral grant (Beatriu de Pinós) to conduct research at the Freie Universität Berlin (Arbeitsstelle Europäische Integration, OSI).

He teaches courses on the contemporary international system, international environmental politics, and IR theory. He is part of the Observatory of European Foreign Policy, a research group based at IBEI. 

Formación académica

  • (2004) PhD Relaciones Internacionales, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona


Líneas de investigación

  • Política Ambiental Internacional
  • Política exterior de la UE
  • UE y las instituciones multilaterales

Clústers de investigación del IBEI

Publicaciones más destacadas

  • Eliasson, Leif Johan; Costa Fernández, Oriol; Garcia-Duran, Patricia

    2023.Is the EU’s Trade Policy Aligning with America’s Trade Policy?.Journal of World Trade,Volume 57, Issue 2:231 – 252Enlace
  • Costa Fernández, OriolBarbé, Esther

    2023.A moving target. EU actorness and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.Journal of European Integration,45:3:431-446EnlaceLogo open access
  • Costa Fernández, Oriol; Buzogány, Aron; Góra, Magdalena

    2021.Contesting the EU’s external democratization agenda: An analytical framework with an application to populist parties.Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 2021,(special issue: The rise of populism in Europe and its effect on democracy promotion):1-23
  • Costa Fernández, Oriol; Biedenkopf, Katja; Góra, Magdalena

    2021.Contestation and Politicization of European Foreign and Security Cooperation: New realities or same old routine?.European Security,30(3)Enlace
  • De Bièvre, Dirk; Costa Fernández, Oriol; Garcia-Duran, Patricia; Eliasson, Leif Johan (editors)

    2020.Politicization of EU Trade Policy across Time and Space.Politics and Governance,8(1)Enlace
  • Costa Fernández, Oriol; Müller, Patrick

    2019.Une Liaison Transnationale: Exploring the Role of NGOs in EU Foreign Policy-making on the ICC.Comparative European Politics,17 (5):696-713Enlace
  • Costa Fernández, Oriol.2019.The politicization of EU external relations.Journal of European Public Policy,26 (5):790-802Enlace
  • Barbé, Esther; Costa Fernández, Oriol; Kissack, Robert.2016.The EU policy responses to a shifting multilateral system.Houndmills Basingstoke Hampshire:Palgrave Macmillan.Enlace
  • Costa Fernández, Oriol.2013.A force for and because of multilateralism. When is the EU a multilateralist actor in world society?.Journal of European Public Policy,20(8):1213-28Enlace
  • Costa Fernández, Oriol; Jørgensen, Knud Erik

    2012.The Influence of International Institutions on the EU. When Multilateralism Hits Brussels.Houndmills Basingstoke Hampshire:Palgrave Macmillan.
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