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16 · JUNIO · 2020

Two projects led by IBEI researchers have been awarded a grant from the Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación

Two research projects led by IBEI researchers Andrea C. Bianculli and Charles Roger have been awarded each a grant from the Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación within the framework of the State Program for the Generation of Knowledge and Scientific and Technological Strengthening of the R + D + I System and of the State R + D + I Program Oriented to the Challenges of the Society, 2019 call.

The grants are aimed both at promoting the generation and significant advance of scientific knowledge and proven quality research, and at moving towards the search for solutions to society's challenges. Likewise, it is intended to encourage the creation of more powerful scientific cooperation schemes and encourage a multi-interdisciplinary approach of the research groups, which allow to tackle complex issues, and promote significant advances in scientific knowledge and its applications, to face the challenges that Spanish research has in the context of the European Research Area.

The research projects by Andrea C. Bianculli and Charles Roger are under the Knowledge Generation modality, motivated by scientific curiosity and with the advance of knowledge as primary objective:

  • Rethinking the fundamentals of regions and interregionalism: The European Union and Latin America through the lens of regional regulatory governance (Reg-EULAC). IP: Andrea C. Bianculli, IBEI Assistant Professor.
  • Informality and Global Governance: The Politics of Legal Transformations (INGOV). IP: Charles Roger, IBEI Assistant Professor.

Congratulations Andrea and Charles!