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21 · DICIEMBRE · 2022

Online Postgraduate and Specialization Courses (UOC-IBEI). Enrolment open!

🔎 Discover the online courses offered jointly with Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC).
There's a 10% discount for Early Enrolment until January 11th, 2023.

Specialization course | New Challenges of Global Governance (UOC, IBEI)

  • March - July 2023 | ENROLMENT OPEN
  • Credits: 12 ECTS

This specialization course intends to equip students with tools to carry out an advanced analysis of the complexities of global governance, focusing on various issues of growing importance on the international political agenda, such as climate change. Second, it teaches them about the multilevel decision-making mechanisms affecting global governance. The specialization offers insight into the main challenges currently facing global governance, considering both the economic and political aspects of these new challenges. The contents have been designed to further the skills of active professionals interested in these topics and whose work is somehow related to global governance. More information


Postgraduate Diploma | Geopolitics and Global Governance (UOC, IBEI)

  • March 2023 - February 2024 | ENROLMENT OPEN
  • Credits: 32 ECTS

The aim of this postgraduate programme in Geopolitics and Global Governance is to provide participants with advanced analysis tools on the complexities of global governance and geopolitics, focusing on various sectors of growing importance today in international politics (such as climate change), as well as the knowledge of multi-level decision-making mechanisms affecting global governance. The programme offers an in-depth insight into the main challenges of global governance and geopolitics at present. More information