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Anthony Michael Bertelli

Anthony Michael Bertelli

Investigador asociado senior

Proyecto REPGOV, ERC

Sherwin-Whitmore Professor of Liberal Arts, Pennsylvania State University


Anthony Bertelli studies the role of political institutions in shaping public policy outcomes and organizational structures.  He has been particularly interested in the relationship between public administration and democracy. Tony has published more than 50 articles and six books including Democracy Administered: How Public Administration Shapes Representative Government (Cambridge University Press, 2021). The research agenda in Chapter 5 of that book is the subject of an Advanced Grant from the European Research Council that he is implementing at IBEI through 2026. Tony is also the Senior Executive Editor of the Journal of Public Policy.

Formación académica

  • (2001) PhD, University of Chicago
  • (1997) JD, University of Pittsburgh


  • 2021European Research Council Advanced Grant
  • 2020Herbert Simon Award for Contributions to the Scientific Study of Bureaucracy 
  • 2015Elected Fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration


Líneas de investigación

  • Instituciones políticas
  • Teoría democrática
  • Administración Pública
  • Elaboración de políticas públicas

Proyectos de investigación

Publicaciones más destacadas

  • Bertelli, Anthony Michael; Schwartz, Lindsey J

    2022.Public Administration and Democracy. The Complementarity Principle.Cambridge University Press,EnlaceLogo open access
  • Woodhouse, Eleanor Florence; Belardinelli, Paolo; Bertelli, Anthony Michael

    2021.Hybrid Governance and the Attribution of Political Responsibility: Experimental Evidence from the United States.Journal of Public Administration Research & Theory,May 2021EnlaceLogo open access
  • Bertelli, Anthony Michael; Hassan, Mai; Honig, Dan; Rogger, Daniel; Williams, Martin

    2021.An Agenda for the Study of Public Administration in Developing Countries.Governance,August 2020Enlace
  • Bertelli, Anthony Michael; Woodhouse, Eleanor Florence; Castiglioni, Michele; Belardinelli, Paolo

    2021.Partnership Communities: Political Accountability and the Success of Infrastructure Development Around the World.Cambridge University Press,Series: Elements in Public and Nonprofit AdministrationEnlace
  • Bertelli, Anthony Michael.2021.Democracy Administered: How Public Administration Shapes Representative Government.Cambridge University Press,August 2021Enlace
  • Bertelli, Anthony Michael; Busuioc, Madalina

    2020.Reputation-Sourced Authority and the Prospect of Unchecked Bureaucratic Power.Public Administration Review,August 2020EnlaceLogo open access
  • Kam, Christopher; Bertelli, Anthony Michael; Held, Alexander

    2020.The Electoral System, the Party System, and Accountability in Parliamentary Government.American Political Science Review,May 2020Enlace
  • Bertelli, Anthony MichaelMele, Valentina; Whitford, Andrew

    2019.When New Public Management Fails: Infrastructure Partnerships and Political Constraints in Developing and Transitional Economies.Governance,Volume 33, Issue 3:477-493Enlace
  • Bertelli, Anthony Michael; Travaglini, Giulia Leila; Clouser McCann, Pamela

    2019.Delegation, Collaborative Governance, and Non-Distributive Policy: The Curious Case of Joint Partnerships in American Federalism.Journal of Politics,Volume 81, Number 1Enlace
  • Anastasopoulos, L. Jason; Bertelli, Anthony Michael

    2019.Understanding Delegation Through Machine Learning: A Method and Application to the European Union.American Political Science Review,114(1):291-301Enlace
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