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4 · NOVEMBRE · 2016

Workshop: Security, Intervention and Humanitarianism

Scholars from all over the world come together to explore how security concerns have become simultaneously a strategic, political and moral issue. Professor Jennifer Welsh (European University Institute) will act as keynote and Mark Hoffman (LSE), Alejandro Pozo (MSF), Luis Peral (Club de Madrid) and Miriam Bradley (IBEI) will participate in a roundtable. There will be a range of panels on topics such us the concept and biopolitics of security, the gendered construction of security, humanitarian intervention and Just War Theory and the liberal peace.

The workshop will take place on 17 and 18 November 2016 at the Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals.

Free attendance. Limited places available. Registration is required here: https://goo.gl/forms/5N9ViOZKbQWLndtk1



Thursday 17th November

09.15 Opening (Room 24.S18)
09.30 Panel 1 – Gendering security and conflict analyses (Room 24.S18)

Chair: Marta Iñiguez de Heredia

How the Gender Lens Securitizes: The Dynamics and Contestation of Naming Atrocities in Conflict
Alexandra Cosima Budabin & Natalie Hudson (University of Dayton)
Security, Humanitarianism and «Crisis» in Europe: A Gendered Analysis of the European Refugee Crisis
Jane Freedman (University Paris 8)
Governing Sexual Violence at the Foreign Office
Paul Kirby (University of Sussex)
Trafficking in Persons (TIP) in the Bay of Bengal: The Humanitarian Amenableness and its Regional Significance
Farhana Razzak (University of Dhaka)

11.00 Coffee break (Hall 1st Floor)

11.30 PANEL 2 – The military and the use of force (Room 24.S18)

Chair: Lesley-Ann Daniels

The Civil-Military Cooperation in Post-Conflict Operations as an Anthropological Space: the Case of the Italian Multinational CIMIC Team in the Space of Virtual Peace of Lebanon
Giovanni Ercolani (University of Murcia)
Videogames and the US Military: Recruitment, Training, and the Politics of Immersive Play
Aggie Hirst (City University)
The Engagement of the Security Council in Protection of Civilians: A More Humanoriented Approach Toward Armed Conflicts
Asuka Mikami (Waseda University)

13.00 Lunch Break (Hall 1st Floor)

14.00 PANEL 3 – Borders and refugees (Room 24.120)

Chair: Laura Chaqués Bonafont

Xenophobia business in the Security agenda? Migratory controls in the intersection of the ethical and the political
Myriam Fotou (LSE)
Securitization, Humanitarianism, and Criminalisation on the Egyptian-Israeli Borderland
Nir Gazit & Efrat Ben Zeev (Ruppin Academic Center)
The European Union and the Syrian Refugees
Özgür Ünal-Eriş (29 Mayıs University)

14.00 PANEL 4 – Exploring the Liberal Peace (Room 24.021)

Chair: Marta Iñiguez de Heredia

The Sources and Effects of Liberal Interventions: Realism, Liberalism and the State-to-Nation Balance
Benny Miller (University of Haifa)
The contemporary militarisation of peacebuilding: shaping politics by force?
Marta Iñiguez de Heredia (IBEI)
A pragmatic approach to peacebuilding? Incorporating the Unintended Consequences of Interventionist Practices
Pol Bargués-Pedreny (Institute for Development and Peace)
A Critical Overview of UN’s Humanitarian Interventions and its Security Implications for African Conflicts
Olaifa Temitope Abimbola & Damilola Adekunle (Nigerian Federal University of Agriculture)

15.30 Coffee break (Hall 1st Floor)

16.00 Roundtable (Room 24.S18)

Miriam Bradley (IBEI)
Mark Hoffman (London School of Economics)
Alejandro Pozo (Médicos Sin Fronteras)
Luis Peral (Club de Madrid)
Chair: Marta Iñiguez de Heredia


Thursday 18th November

09.30 PANEL 5 – The politics of terrorism (Room 24.S18)

Chair: Juan Carlos Triviño

Autonomy versus Terrorism: The use of the terrorist narrative by the Moroccan political elite in the Western Sahara conflict
Blanca Camps-Febrer (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
Fighting Terrorism and compromising Regional Integration and Democracy Agenda: New Threatens against African Citizens’ Rights and Hope
Boubacar D Diallo (Université Abdou Moumouni de Niamey)
Countering Violent Religious Extremism and Human Rights Violation in Nigeria
Abosede Omowumi Babatunde (University of Ilorin)
American Interventionism as a method to fight terrorism after 2001 – Legal, Political and Ethical Dilemmas
Ewelina Wasko-Owsiejczuk (University of Bialystok)

11.00 Coffee break (Hall 1st Floor)

11.30 PANEL 6 – Humanitarian Intervention and Just War Theory (Room 24.S18)

Chair: Sergey Sukhankin

Sinking Refugee Ships in the Mediterranean: A Just Use of Force?
Tal Dingott Alkopher (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
The United Kingdom and the Libya intervention of 2011: a failed outcome for a flawed policy
Grant Dawson (University of Nottingham)
Interventionism and Biopolitics in Eastern Europe - Russia’s Narratives for Legitimizing Its Recent Actions in Ukraine
Miruna Troncotă (National University of Political Science and Public Administration)

13.15 Lunch Break (Hall 1st Floor)

14.00 PANEL 7 – Humanitarian Intervention, norms and R2P (Room 24.S18)

Chair: Patrick Herron

Humanitarian Intervention, Norm Stagnation, and the Deconstruction of R2P
Michael J. Butler (Clark University)
Intervention in International Law - Overthrowing the Charter of the United Nations and the Nuremberg Principles
David Jacobs (Watson Jacobs McCreary LLP)
Taming the State? International Criminal Law, Responsibility to Protect and the Politics of Humanity
Filipe dos Reis (University of Erfurt)
R2P: Still a Normative Response to The New Security Challenges?
Menent Savas Cazala (Galatasaray University)

15.30 Coffee break (Hall 1st Floor)

16.00 Keynote Address - Professor Jennifer Welsh (European University Institute and United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on the Responsibility to Protect).

Chair: Jacint Jordana (IBEI)