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5th Bienial Conference on Regulatory Governance

Dimecres 25 de juny de 2014, de 9:00 a 12:00
ECPR Standing Group Regulatory Governance Conference

5th Standing Group on Regulatory Governance Biennial Conference

Regulatory Governance Between Global and Local

Barcelona, 25-27 June 2014

The Biennial Conference of the Standing Group on Regulatory Governance is the leading interdisciplinary conference on regulation and governance held in Europe, which attracts researchers from all over the globe working in a wide range of disciplines including political science, law, accounting, business, sociology, economics, international relations, anthropology, public administration and other related disciplines.

The 2014 edition of the Standing Group Biennial Conference will focus on the dynamics at play along the spectrum from the global to the local tiers of regulatory governance. By unravelling how relations across various levels of governance are simultaneously shaped, limited and transformed by regulatory processes, the conference seeks to discuss and further refine our conceptual categorizations and empirical understandings of the notion of regulatory governance. Recent turbulences related to the economic crisis and financial stress over the world -and particularly in Europe- have opened new challenges for regulatory governance, including re-adjustments across the multiple levels of regulation, which the conference also intends to explore.

With these overarching aims in mind, the conference welcomes papers and panels addressing the following indicative themes and other issues related to regulatory governance:

• Regulatory governance at local, sub-national, national, regional and global levels

• The role of state and non-state actors and their relations within and across levels

• Power and power struggles

• The impact of the crisis on regulatory governance

• Hard and soft forms of regulation

• Regulation and the global South

• Regional and sub-regional regulatory regimes

• State and non-state regulatory capacity

• Transnational and supranational regulation

• Multi-level regulation: interactions and interdependences

• Regulatory institutional architectures

• Regulatory networks

• Legitimacy, accountability and transparency in regulatory governance

Conference highlights include the Giandomenico Majone Prize for the best conference paper by a junior member of the profession, as well as specialist panels, methods sessions, guest speakers, keynote lectures, luncheon meetings and more.