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Alumni Professional Stories

Judith Trasancos Rodríguez

Judith Trasancos Rodríguez

IBEI alumni 2010-2011, currently working as a Public Affairs Officer for the Delegation of the Government of Catalonia to the US in New York (USA).

"I learnt for the first time about International Relations thanks to IBEI’s masters. Thus, I use that knowledge every day. But of course, if I am to talk more specifically about my day-to-day tasks, this Master has given me the tools to analyze and understand the dynamics at play at the United Nations."

Léonie van Tongeren

Léonie van Tongeren

IBEI alumni 2008-2009, currently working as a Special Assistant to the Regional Director for Europe at Open Society Foundations in Barcelona (Spain). 

"Most IR students tend to think about working for governments, international organizations or businesses, or NGOs, but keep in mind that working at philanthropic institutions can be really interesting as well."

Lluís Torrent i Bescós

Lluís Torrent

IBEI alumni 2008-2009, currently working as a Director at United Explanations and Expert in Climate Change in Barcelona (Spain).

"The most interesting part of it was debating topics and exchanging views with people from diverse origins and having different perspectives. I think that was really enriching."


Periša Ražnatović

IBEI alumni 2011-2012, currently working as a Director of Lifelong Learning for Worldreader in Barcelona (Spain).

"The relatively small size of the institute enabled me to develop close relationships with my peers. Although I’m happy to see many of them succeeding in their career choices, I miss the days when we were coming up with the best excuses for being late to class."

Torsten Mix

Torsten Mix

IBEI alumni 2013-2014, currently working for German Development Cooperation (GIZ) as an Independent Consultant in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia).

"I was convinced that the international study environment would contribute not only to my professional but also to my personal development." 

Currun Singh

Currun Singh

Currun Singh

IBEI alumni 2011-2012, currently working as a Managing Partner for Europe Conflict and Security Consulting Ltd.

"There was something really special about that time, no doubt. Your biggest worry was getting to class on time. You had an in-built community of friends from all across the world; that’s hard to find in the ‘real world’."


Marta Guasp

IBEI alumni 2013-2015, currently doing an internship at the Embassy of Spain in Amman, Jordan

"There might be many people looking for a job just like you but there are plenty opportunities too. Make the most out of all opportunities you might be given, take yourself out of your comfort zone into different cities and countries". 


Helena Spongenberg

IBEI alumni 2008-2009, currently working as a Freelance Journalist and Spain correspondent for EU Observer

"The knowledge I acquired in the Master has contributed a great deal to my work as a journalist. I have a much deeper understanding of how different international organisations work and why." 

Fernando Ledo

Fernando Ledo

IBEI alumni 2005-2006, currently working at the African Development Bank (AfDB) as a Senior Advisor at the Board of Director.

"With a background in economics, I decided to take IBEI programme to understand better other aspects of the international scene. The courses in Politics, International Law and International Relations Theory gave to me powerful tools to understand better the complexity affecting politics, institutions and the international economy".

Sarah Cooke

Sarah Cooke

IBEI alumni 2009-2010, currently working as Communication Officer at Equinet, European Network of Equality Bodies

"Apart from getting to know a wonderful group of people from all over the world, I also gained practical experience in comparative analysis, research methods, multicultural team work and efficient time management. I was very pleased to be chosen to speak on behalf of my fellow students at our graduation ceremony, which took place in the middle of a war also known as the FIFA World Cup".

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Hardy Giezendanner

IBEI alumni 2010-2011, currently working at the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR) as a researcher

"The Masters programme at IBEI provided me with the necessary academic and theoretical background and knowledge, as well as with some of the methodologies used in my current position. I have also very fond memories of IBEI’s familiar atmosphere, the variety of courses thought by some of the most distinguished professors in their fields, the bilingual setting, the diverse background of fellow students, the many cheerful moments with friends over tapas, beer and wine in one of the plazas in the city, and of course my beloved, village-like neighbourhood, Gràcia. All this makes it for me a lasting experience that I can only recommend to anyone seeking for a future path in an international professional sphere".

Olga Correa

Olga Correa

IBEI alumni 2006-2007, currently working at the University of Geneva as scientific collaborator and master’s coordinator

"I remember often the type of exercises we use to be taught at our courses and seminars in IBEI. Mainly, on those based on the casebook method, where we as students could read specific cases, topics or projects since it stimulated us to develop analytical skills and to induce/deduce the main concept for the subject matter".