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Barcelona Workshop on Global Governance 2015

Del Jueves 15 de enero de 2015 a las 11:15, hasta el Viernes 16 de enero de 2015 a las 18:30
Seminario de investigación

The 2015 edition of Barcelona Workshop on Global Governance, jointly organized by ESADEgeo and IBEI, will take place on January 15-16, 2015. The aim of the workshop is to provide a venue for the study of global institutions from an institutional and organization design perspective.

Global governance is constructed by both public and private actors. Governments have created international institutions and transgovernmental networks; companies have established self–regulatory structures; civil society and business organizations have been active in norm–setting and monitoring. They have joined forces in various hybrid organizations, which collaborate and compete with each other, and all perform functions in the many regulatory spaces that include institutions and actors of various origins. At the same time, many privately - created bodies claim to provide public goods, while many institutions of public origin are criticized for pursuing private gains or for being strongly influenced by private interests. As a result, the boundaries between public and private in global governance have become blurred, and the classical public/private distinction – central to structuring our understanding of domestic government – is under increasing pressure.

The workshop inquires into the ways in which interactions between public and private actors reshape the landscape of global governance.


The workshop is conceived as an open forum, but the number of listeners will be limited by infrastructure constraints. Therefore, please register by sending an email to eulalia.sole1@esade.edu in order to ensure your place.

January 15: Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals (IBEI): Room 24.S18 - C/ Ramon Trias Fargas 25, Barcelona – www.ibei.org
January 16: ESADE: Edifici 3, Avda d’Esplugues 92-96, Barcelona - www.esade.com

Website: www.bcnwgg.net

BCN Workshop Global Governance Program