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Alberto Asquer

Alberto Asquer

University of London (United Kingdom)

Erasmus Mundus Visiting Scholar, IBEI

Senior Lecturer in Public Policy and Management, SOAS University of London


Dr Alberto Asquer is Senior Lecturer of Public Policy and Management at the School of Finance and Management of SOAS University of London, where he acts as Director of the Centre for Financial and Management Studies and Director of the Centre for Water and Development. He is convenor of the MSc Public Policy and Management and MSc Public Financial Management programmes. After a degree in economics and a doctorate in Italy, he attained a MSc Management and a PhD at the London School of Economics and Political Science. His research interests are in the areas of regulation, organisational change, and public-private partnerships. His recent works include the books Public Sector Management (with Norman Flynn, SAGE, 2017) Public Sector Revenue (Routledge, 2017), and Regulation of Infrastructure and Utilities (Palgrave, 2018). He published research articles in journals such as Public Management Review, Governance, International Public Management Journal, Water Resources Management, and Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics.

Formación académica

  • (2013) PhD, London School of Economics and Political Science
  • (2002) PhD, University of Salerno, Italy
  • (1999) MSc Management, London School of Economics and Political Science
  • (1996) Degree Economics and Commerce, University of Cagliari, Italy


Líneas de investigación

  • Gestión pública
  • Política pública
  • Gestión financiera pública
  • Regulación

Proyectos de investigación

  • The design, management and politics of public-private partnerships.

  • How Do Physician Executives Understand Performance Review and Assessment? A Longitudinal Q-methodology Analysis in a Public Health Organization.

  • Subjective Understandings in Agile Software Development: A Q Methodology Study in an Italian ICT District.

  • Theorizing Regulatory Parsimony of Emerging Technologies: Decentralized Cryptocurrencies (2009-2019) and CRISPR Gene Editing (2012-2019).

Publicaciones más destacadas

  • Asquer, Alberto; Al-Zaharani, A. (forthcoming)

    2019.Public services reforms in Neo-Patrimonial systems: the commercialization of healthcare and education in Saudi Arabia.Public Management Review (published online on 11th March 2019),
  • Araral, E.; Asquer, Alberto; Wang, Y

    2017.Regulatory Constructivism: Application of Q Methodology in Italy and China.Water Resources Management,17:1-25
  • Asquer, Alberto.2015.Managing Challenging Organizational Change: Introducing Active Labor Market Policies in Italian Public Employment Agencies.Public Management Review,17(6):901-921
  • Asquer, Alberto.2014.Explaining Partial Privatization of Public Service Provision: The Emergence of Mixed Ownership Water Firms in Italy (1994-2009).Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics,85(1):11-30
  • Asquer, Alberto.2014.Understanding Subjectivities in the Regulation of Local Water Services: A Q-Methodology Study of Elected Public Officers in Italy.Water,6(3):670-693
  • Asquer, Alberto.2014.Using Analytic Narratives in Policy Analysis: An Explanation of the Implementation of the Water Reform in Italy (1994-2002).Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis,16(1):79-93
  • Asquer, Alberto.2012.Aligning Technological and Institutional Change: Maritime Transport in West Mediterranean Sea.Competition and Regulation in Network Industries,13(2):108-132
  • Asquer, Alberto.2012.Managing the Process of Decentralization: Transforming Old Public Entities into New Agencies in the Agricultural Sector.International Public Management Journal,15(2):207-229
  • Asquer, Alberto.2011.Liberalization and Regulatory Reform of Network Industries: A Comparative Analysis of Italian Public Utilities.Utilities Policy,19(3):172-184
  • Asquer, Alberto.2010.Implementing Fiscal Decentralization: A Case Study of a Tax Agency in Italy.Governance,23(4):609-621