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50 years ago: 1968, the year that shaped the next half a century (10 hour course)

10 hour course

Pere Vilanova (Universitat de Barcelona-IBEI)

June 25 – 29 (3.00 – 5.00 pm)




It is not a course on History (although it has a historical background and perspective), it's about how, in 2018, we can read again those events and try to understand what they were announcing. In case we try to understand how the world works.

  • 1968: the year in which the US started to lose the Vietnam War and the year in which Martin Luther King and Bob Kennedy were assassinated, what did it change for the US and for the World
  • 1968: May 68, from Paris, to Berkeley, from México City to Prague, students uprises, a genuine transnational movement before internet
  • 1968: The soviet brutal invasion of Prague, the end of the "Prague Spring" and the begining of the end of the USSR
  • 1968, wars that we did not read well: from Biafra to the aftermath of the Six Days War
  • 1968, The film "2001, space odissey", by Stanley Kubrick and the announcement of a new civilization?