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Webinar series | The contribution of SDGs to Global Governance: Instruments of Global Governance: expertise, meta-governance, and goal-setting (Panel II)

Thursday March 18, 2021, at 16:30

Coordinators: Oriol Costa (UAB-IBEI) and Jacint Jordana (UPF-IBEI)

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) have had a sizeable influence in the agenda and the discourses of global governance. References to SDGs can be found in a wide range of international negotiations and institutions, from climate change to food security, from human rights to health. They have also been endorsed at all the other levels of policy making –by the European Union, national governments, and local authorities. In moments of deep polarization and politicization of international and domestic politics, SDGs have emerged as a broadly consensual project across continents, topics and scales. They also represent an approach to governance based on the setting of goals widely accepted as important and legitimate by a multiplicity of stakeholders. It is shared goals, not precisely crafted legal obligations, that are expected to drive policy changes, and their traction depends precisely on their consensual character. And since such goals by-pass the language of state-centric international law, also non-governmental actors can embrace them –be that NGOs, companies, or universities.

Still, research on the dynamic of SDG is still emerging, and many questions remain open as to existing difficulties, or to its performance. This webinar series presents three roundtables that will look at SDGs as a vantage point to understand them as a new mode of global governance, and possibly learn lessons to improve or reform it.  Each roundtable will be composed of four leading scholars to discuss a particular dimension of SDG strategy: leadership, instruments, and multilevel governance. The perspective of global cities will be emphasized in the webinars, also considering their participation in global governance processes.  The panels will be organized during two days, each one having 75 min. of duration maximum. Webinars will be open to the general public, and local scholars will be invite to moderate each session. IBEI will also publicize the webinar across its academic international networks. The webinar series will be coordinated by Oriol Costa (UAB-IBEI) and Jacint Jordana (UPF-IBEI).

Panel II.  Instruments of Global Governance: expertise, meta-governance, and goal-setting

ModeratorOriol Costa (UAB-IBEI)


18 March 15:00 CET - Panel I. Who is leading the global governance of SDGs?
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18 March 16:30 CET - Panel II.  Instruments of Global Governance: expertise, meta-governance, and goal-setting

19 March 16:00 CET - Panel III. Governança multinivel i Objetius de Desenvolupament Sostenible: el paper de les autoritats locals
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