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Practical advice

Service and tipping

In restaurants, it is a requirement to include service in the price of the set menu. If the menu states "IVA no incluido" ("not including VAT"), this will be added to the bill. Tipping is not obligatory, although tips are often given if service is considered to be satisfactory (5-10% of the total).


The most common electrical current is 220 volts and 50Hz, although it is possible to find 125 volts in some older houses.


Stamps can be bought at estancos (tobacconist's) or at post offices. To send parcels, you must go to a post office. Postboxes for letters can be found throughout the city, and are recognisable by their yellow colour (ordinary post) or red colour (urgent post).

The central post office is located on Vía Laietana 1, Barcelona, tel: (+34) 93 310 04 04, from Monday to Saturday 8am to 8pm. Closed Sundays. Its services include stamps, parcels, telegrams, telephone and fax.