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Laia Mestres

Laia Mestres

Research Fellow

Academic Internship Coordinator


Laia Mestres is a postdoctoral researcher and academic coordinator of professional internships at the Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals. She is also a research associate at the European Foreign Policy Observatory.

She has worked as a researcher at the University Institute for European Studies and the CIDOB think tank (Barcelona Center for International Affairs) and has collaborated with the European Foreign Policy Scorecard of the ECFR.

She holds a PhD in International Relations and European Integration from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. She has taught Spanish foreign policy at UAB and at UPF's Study Abroad program.

Background and education

  • (2013) Doctorate in International Relations and European Integration, UAB
  • (2000) Degree in Political Science and Administration, UPF


Research interests

  • European Union foreign Policy
  • Spanish foreign policy

Selected publications

  • Mestres, Laia.2018.Europa en el mundo. ¿De potencia normativa a una verdadera Unión de la Defensa?,Información Comercial Española, Revista de Economía,Julio-Agosto 2018, nº 903:21-31Link
  • Raimundo, Antonio; Mestres, Laia

    2018.Iberia: Portugal and SpainIn: Oliver, Tim (ed.)Europe’s Brexit. EU Perspectives on Britain’s Vote to LeaveLondon:Agenda PublishingLink
  • Soler i Lecha, EduardMestres, Laia

    2017.SpanienIn: Werner Weidenfeld / Wolfgang Wessels (Hrsg.)Jahrbuch der Europäischen Integration 2017(pp. 577-580).Baden-Baden:Nomos VerlagLink
  • Mestres, Laia.2016.Expert contribution in Judy Asks: Is Spain’s Foreign Policy Underperforming?Judy Dempsey’s Strategic Europe, Carnegie Europe,26 October 2016Link
  • Mestres, Laia.2015.Bilateralism in the Spanish Presidencies of the Council of the European Union. Alliances for the Development of European Foreign PolicyInternational Journal of Iberian Studies,vol. 28, nº2-3:pp. 177-189, doi: 10.1386/ijis.28.2-3.177_1
  • Mestres, Laia.2014.Does Spain Really Need a Foreign Policy Strategy? More than a Proposal from a Think TankSpanish Yearbook of International Law,nº 18:pp. 279-286Link
  • Mestres, Laia.2014.Las relaciones estratégicas entre España y sus socios europeos: el futuro de las cumbres bilaterales con Alemania, Francia, Italia y Polonia,Estrategia Exterior Española 9/14,Madrid: Real Instituto Elcano, marzoLink
  • Mestres, Laia.2014.La europeización de las políticas exteriores nacionalesIn: Esther Barbé (dir.)La Unión Europea en las relaciones internacionales(pp. pp. 154-171).Madrid:Tecnos