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Executive Master’s Degree in Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs

Executive Master’s Degree in Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs

In a globalized world, every institution, company or organization needs to engage in international relations to achieve its goals. Although Catalonia’s institutions have been developing external activities for over 30 years, especially once Spain joined the European Community in 1986, there has never been a specific system for the recruitment of international relations specialists.

The Executive Master’s in Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs is an innovative post-graduate programme, tailored to the needs of a 21st century public administration. It is designed to prepare for the management of a dynamic and flexible foreign policy and for meeting the challenges of an interdependent world in the communications era. The 10 month training programme focuses on Economy, Communications and Negotiation, without neglecting more traditional areas such as International Law, European Affairs and the History of International Relations.

This Master’s degree is directed by Professor Carles Boix, PhD in Political Science, Master’s in Public Administration from Harvard University and Professor of Political Science and Public Affairs at Princeton University. It is taught by Catalan and international professors affiliated to Catalan academic institutions, as well as visiting professors from abroad.

The Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals (IBEI) and the School of Public Administration of Catalonia (EAPC) collaborate on the organization of the programme, which grants a Master’s degree in Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs awarded by Pompeu Fabra University (UPF).

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