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Héloïse Berkowitz

Héloïse Berkowitz

École polytechnique (France)


Héloïse Berkowitz has a Phd in management science from i3-CRG, Ecole Polytechnique. She graduated from HEC Paris, la Sorbonne and CEMS and was a visiting scholar at Columbia School of International Public Affairs and Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions. Her research deals with sustainable collective strategies and self-regulation devices in the energy sector. She is also interested in topics such as the performativity of strategy and social sciences, meta-organizations, sectoral governance, and specific interdisciplinary issues such as human rights and oceans’ management. 

Background and education

  • (2016) Phd in management science, Ecole polytechnique
  • (2013) Master in International management, CEMS Alliance
  • (2013) Master in International Business, HEC Paris
  • (2008) Master research in History and geopolitics, Paris Sorbonne

Professional memberships & affiliations

  • End-Users Committee of AQUO (Achieve Quiet Oceans by shipping noise footprint reduction)
  • Stakeholder’s college for the French Crowdfunding Trade Association
  • RGCS (Research Group on Collaborative Spaces)


Research interests

  • Meta-organizations and sectoral self-regulation
  • Sustainable ocean governance
  • Performativity of theories
  • Ocean Big Data

Selected publications

  • Berkowitz, Héloïse.2018.Meta-organizing firms’ capabilities for sustainable innovation: a conceptual frameworkJournal of Cleaner Production,175:420–430Link
  • Berkowitz, Héloïse; Bor, Sanne

    2017.Why Meta-Organizations Matter: A Response to Lawton et al. and SpillmanJournal of Management Inquiry 1–8, SAGE journals,Link
  • Berkowitz, Héloïse; Souchaud, Antoine



    2017.Combler un vide organisationnel dans la fabrique d’une politique publique: l’émergence d’une méta-organisationPolitiques et Management Public,Link
  • Berkowitz, Héloïse; Dumez, H.

    2016.The Concept of Meta-Organization: Issues for Management StudiesEuropean Management Review,Online PreviewLink
  • Berkowitz, Héloïse; Bucheli, M.; Dumez, H.

    2016.Collective CSR strategy and the role of metaorganizations: a case study of the oil and gas industryJournal of Business Ethics,Online FirstLink
  • Abrahamson, E.; Berkowitz, Héloïse; Dumez, H.

    2016.A More Relevant Approach to Relevance in Management Studies: An Essay on PerformativityAcademy of Management Review,41, 2:1-15Link
  • Berkowitz, Héloïse; Dumez, H.

    2015.La dynamique des dispositifs d’action collective entre firmes: Le cas des méta-organisations dans le secteur pétrolierL’Année Sociologique,65, 2:333-356Link
  • Berkowitz, Héloïse.2015.Comment une idée abstraite devient un dispositif de gestion: Le cas du développement durableGérer et Comprendre,n° 121:41-50Link

Refereed conferences

  • Anisimov, H. Berkowitz (2015), "Financing natural catastrophe risk through participatory innovation and knowledge transfer : the case of cat bond", i3
  • M. Flacandji, H. Berkowitz (2015), "L’analyse de réseaux appliquée aux trajectoires de magasinage, quels enjeux managériaux ?", Etienne Thil, Paris, France, October
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  • H. Berkowitz, H. Dumez (2014), "How firms (partially) organize their environment: Metaorganizations in the oil and gas industry", SCORE workshop on Partial organizations, Stockholm, June
  • H. Berkowitz, H. Dumez (2014),"Performativity processes of strategic management theories: framing, overflowing and hybridization", Les Mines i3 workshop on performativity processes, Paris, May