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icono de curso

Programme Evaluation in Development


Crèdits: 4 ECTS

Primer semestre

Assignatures optatives




Programme evaluations are an area of increasing importance in the field of international development cooperation. The course will introduce students to the major methodological choices and practical challenges typically faced by development practitioners when implementing these studies.

The course will start with the 'politics' of programme evaluation, focusing on normative questions, such as 'who decides what gets evaluated and what results get disseminated?', and the institutional obstacles encountered by many aid agencies when they started to strengthen their internal evaluation capacities in the past years. The second and main part of the course will introduce students to alternative approaches to evaluation, including experimental methods, process tracing studies, participatory appraisals, as well as supporting tools, such as results frameworks, theories of change and performance indicators. The last section will discuss specific challenges and solutions for programme evaluations and data collection in humanitarian settings, an area of increasing importance for development agencies. The course’s method of instruction will be practice- and case study-based, with a focus on the feasibility and value-added of different evaluation approaches for specific programme contexts and evaluation purposes.

The course will be complemented by other compulsory and elective courses including on research design and methods (first and second semester) and a specialized course on experimental evaluation methods (second semester). 


The course will be evaluated as follows:

  • In-class participation: 10%
  • Seminar case study presentation: 20%

Seminar presentations will be made by teams of two students, including a ten minute-long in-class presentation and animation of classroom discussion. Students self-select into groups around case study topics shared in week 1

  • Programme evaluation case study  40%

Teams of two students to develop a proposed evaluation design for a case study programme of their choice (students will be presented with a set of case study examples in late November). In-class presentation at the end of the semester (20% of the total course grade) and a written project (20% of the total course grade, due early January). 

  • Individual assessment (30%)

Individual essay, critically reviewing one evaluation proposal of other class members, 1500-2000 words (due late January, before start of extensive courses)       

The penalty for late submission of coursework is 0.5/10.00 per 24 hours. If you foresee a reason for late submission please contact the course teacher as soon as possible prior to the due date.

Competències, resultats d'aprenentatge i activitats formatives (PDF) (Castellà)