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IBEI Summer Schools 2012

The 2012 IBEI Summer Schools will be held in July. The aim of the IBEI summer schools is to offer short courses (10 hours) on matters of major interest within the sphere of international relations and international economic politics. The courses are given by teachers with an international reputation and are aimed at graduate students, teachers and researchers in the areas of political science, economics, international relations and international studies who are interested in learning and understanding at first hand the latest advances in research.  The IEMed and the Union for the Mediterranean offer scholarships for attending this third edition of the Summer School of the Mediterranean.

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Current Affairs

IBEI in the Social Networks

IBEI has just began to participate in the social networks. The Institute has created a Facebook page that regularly reports the activities that take place at the Institute as well as other events or any other information that may be useful for the community. It has also a Twitter account @IBEI , which petends, above all, to disseminate its research activities, initiatives and findings. If you want to be informed on what we are doing, feel free to follow us.

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United Explanations, an International Affairs site

United Explanations is a nonprofit site that aims to analyse and explain internantional affairs in a clear, simple and easy way to understand. It was craeted in 2010 by a group of former IBEI MIR students. One year later, the webpage has more than 160 contributors from 31 different countries and it has been awarded at a nacional and international levels. If you want to join the purpose, you can get more info here

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Prestigious scholars join the International Academic Council

At the meeting of the Board of IBEI last December, the green light was given for new members to join the Institute’s International Academic Council. This governing body is a Council of internationally renowned scholars, who meet at IBEI approximately every eighteen months in order to evaluate the activities of IBEI and advise on the Institute’s current and future activities. The IAC is chaired by Javier Solana and, with the addition of five new faculty members, is made up of twelve people in total. The Professors who have recently joined this body are: Prof. Susana Borrás from Copenhagen Business School, Prof. Christopher Hill, Professor of International Relations at Cambridge University, Professor Mary Kaldor, Director of the Center for the Study of Global Governance at LSE, Professor Knud Eric Jorgensen, Professor of International Relations at the University of Aarhus and Professor José Antonio Ocampo from the School of International and Public Affairs of Columbia University.

The International Academic Council has met three times so far and the next meeting is expected to take place at the end of 2012 or in early 2013.

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Postgraduate Studies

Admissions Process is Open

The academic course 2012-13 will be the first time that the Masters in International Relations will be offered in two different versions. A bilingual version (Spanish-English) and a new version in English.

Students interested in applying for admission to the Master's Degree in International Relations (full time or part-time) should submit their curriculum vitae, along with certified copies of transcripts and degree certificates, knowledge of English and Spanish, a cover

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Download the Outstanding Master Dissertations

As announced last week, we are pleased to attach the Master dissertations that have received the Best Master Dissertation Award at IBEI. This is the first time that the Institute has awarded the Prize, and we are delighted to say that it was very difficult to make a decision due to the high quality of the dissertations presented this year by IBEI students.

Best Prize Dissertation
The Impact of Education in Sustaining / Transcending Ethnic Conflict. Evidence from Two Post-Conflict Fragmented Societies: Cyprus and Northern Ireland , Kourtellidou Penelope.     Trabajos de

Master Dissertations with Distinction
Political Violence and Inequality in Latin America During The Cold War , Cristina Gonzalez
Democratic Transition in Belarus: Cause(s) of Failure , Yauheniya Nechyparenka
Why states pursue nuclear weapons programmes? - The Iran case, David Zrost
On Soft Power and Biopower. Assessing the Potential Impact of M.Foucault in IR , Juan Masullo 


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  • 01-03-2012 14:00
    Different Worlds of Meritocracy? Educational Assessment and Conceptions of Justice in Germany, Sweden and England in the Age of 'Standards-Based Reform'
  • 15-03-2012 14:00
    Revolutionary Wars, Conservative Peace: Ideological Threats and Military Competition During the 'Great Transformation', 1789-1870
  • 29-03-2012 14:00
    Professional Soldiers, Conscripts, and the Role of the Military in Regime Politics
  • 12-04-2012 14:00
    Linking Institutions and Globalization: What is Stronger - a Reef or a Stream?
  • 17-05-2012 14:00
    The Partitions of India, Palestine and Germany: Forced Population Movement and the Creation of Peoples

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