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The Politics of United Nations Intervention in the Middle East
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Date: July 15 - 19
Time: 2.00pm – 4.00pm
Instructor: Prof. Karim Makdisi (American University of Beirut)

This course examines the nature and politics of United Nations (UN) intervention, particularly peace operations, in the Middle East. The conceptual premise of this module is that the UN both reflects and contributes to our understanding of international political and security structures. The seminar first explores the historical and theoretical debates on the idea and evolution of UN intervention and operations within the Levant sub-region, particularly against the backdrop of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The course charts the changes from the Cold war period to the post-cold war period, and then asks if the events of 9/11 signaled another material change in the nature of UN intervention. The course will draw on various case studies to investigate this evolution, from the partition of Palestine and peace operations along the Arab-Israeli borders to the Middle East ‘peace process’ and post 9/11 interventions in Iraq and Lebanon (UNIFIL), ending in the recent UN consideration of Palestine Statehood bid and the on-going role during the Arab Uprisings.