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Fulya Apaydin

AXA Research Fund Postdoctoral Fellow, IBEI

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Fulya's work is situated at the intersection of comparative politics and international studies with a particular emphasis on the political economy of development. Broadly, she is interested in how investment policies across emerging economies are transformed in face of global pressures, and how political actors respond to these challenges at the local and national level. Her current research examines the implications of South-South capital flows on development with a focus on Islamic Financial Institutions.

At IBEI, Fulya is also involved in the EUCROSS and ACCOUNTREG research projects. Recently, her work has been published in World Development and European Journal of Development Research, among others.

Background and education

  • (2010) PhD, Brown University, Political Science
  • (2005) MA, Brown University, Political Science
  • (2000) BA, Bogazici University, Political Science and International Rels.



Research Interests

  • Comparative Political Economy, Development, Religion, Global South


  • Apaydin, Fulya. 2015. The Supranational Dimension of Voting in National Elections across Six European Democracies. European Political Science (forthcoming)
  • Apaydin, Fulya. 2015. Financialization and the Push for Non-State Social Service Provision: Philanthropic Activities of Islamic and Conventional Banks in Turkey. Forum for Development Studies.
  • Apaydin, Fulya. 2013. Boundaries of Non-State Welfare Provision: Comparative Evidence from Turkey, Sudan and Germany. In A. Brown and J. Pierce (Eds). Charities in the Non-Western World: The Development and Regulation of Indigenous and Islamic Charities. London and New York: Routledge
  • Apaydin, Fulya; Barnshaw, John; Dolan, Kathryn; Deubel, Tara; Greiner, Karen. 2012. Crisis in the Gulf of Mexico Discourse. Policy and Governance in Postcatastrophe Environments. Journal of Applied Social Science, 6 (2): 133-148
  • Apaydin, Fulya. 2012. Partisan and Skill Formation Policies: New Evidence from Turkey and Argentina. World Development, 40 (8): 1522-1533
  • Apaydin, Fulya. 2012. Overseas Development Aid Across the Global South: Lessons from the Turkish Experience in Sub-Saharan Africa and Central Asia. European Journal of Development Research, 24: 261-282