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Rethinking Strategic Culture: Epistemic Communities, Discursive Institutionalism and Computational Research Agenda

Viernes 3 de marzo de 2017, a las 14:00
Room 24.120 - Mercè Rodoreda Building (1st Floor)
Seminario de investigación

Despite the proliferation of empirical studies, the strategic culture approach suffered from a prolonged theoretical stalemate culminating in the schism of the Johnston-Gray debate. The paper suggests a first step in reviving the concept. Identifying strategic culture as traditionally implicit institutionalist concept, the paper draws on discursive institutionalism and perceives strategic culture as institution which is shaped by ideas concerning foreign and security policies. Change in strategic culture therefore results from discursive processes among elites. Thus, strategic culture is conceptualized as consisting of competing subcultures that are shaped in their respective identity by an epistemic community.The competition is operationalized by tracing the policy positions of rival epistemic communities in media debates and official policy documents.Methodologically, computational social sciences provide means for testing hypotheses derived from the proposed model of strategic culture.