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Research areas

The research programmes are structured around relevent matters with a transversal nature in the international sphere. It includes a theoretical focus and considers the dynamics of actors and institutions from a general viewpoint as well as the relationship between domestic problems and the global scenario. Therefore, the research programmes are not grouped according to regional areas, but are structured to include interdisciplinary themes and concerns; the aim of this is to facilitate dialogue and joint reflection among researchers.

With the intention of setting up strong research programmes, IBEI dedicates particular attention to all those matters related to existing challenges to the construction of a more balanced international system with a more multipolar structure. The lines of research for tackling these matters are broad-based and capable of covering different subject matters.

In this regard, three specific research programmes to be run by the IBEI in the next few years are proposed:

  • Global Governance.

Programme coordinatorNico Krisch

  • Networks and Institutions in a Globalized Economy.

Programme coordinator: Juan Díez Medrano 

  • Security, Power and Multilateralism in a Global World.

Programme coordinator: Esther Barbé