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The curriculum combines relevant coursework with an optional internship, providing graduates with the knowledge and analytical skills demanded by the market for the international security professional, broadly defined.Internships are designed to familiarize students with the activities and challenges surrounding the daily work of the institutions and professionals of international security.

IBEI offers students support for their professional internships in companies, NGOs, public institutions and private entities in the field of international security:

  1. International bodies
  2. European Union bodies
  3. International departments of companies
  4. Consultancy companies
  5. Research centres
  6. Public administration
  7. Transnational private companies
  8. Non-governmental organisations dealing with cooperation and development
  9. Regional and local public institutions seeking an international dimension

The Professional Development Service provides the following services: 

  • Internship programme at companies and institutions. The internship programme has been designed with the aim of enriching the quality of the education we offer. Therefore, it is crucial that this education be supplemented with work experience in an international environment.
  • Professional seminars. During the Master's course, seminars are offered that focus on providing knowledge linked to skills: public speaking, time management, negotiation and protocol.
  • Professional guidance. All Master's students can arrange interviews in order to be able to receive advice about entering the job market with the aim of sending companies the most appropriate CVs, adapted to a particular job.