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Global Multi-Level Governance Dynamics

Thursday January 22, 2009, at 14:00 AM
Aula 4 - IBEI
Research seminar
César de Prado Yepes
This presentation argues that peaceful but competitive global multi-level governance is rising to counter global disorder, and attempts to model its diffusion. Firstly, increasing global multipolarity is forcing US acquiescence to greater autonomy in its traditional areas of influence. Secondly, macro-regional projects are searching for coherence not only in Europe, but increasing in Asia, the Americas and Africa. Thirdly, as regional projects take shape they search to interact with similar units. Fourthly, peaceful global regimes led by executive powers are beginning to acknowledge the usefulness of some regional processes and thus become global multi-level platforms. While the above stages take place mainly among the government executives, more public and private actors are converging to the above dynamics thanks to the catalysing efforts of track-2 processes composed of think-tank and networks of intellectuals and a variety of policy advocates. This presentation enhances on the authors book Global Multi-level Governance: European and East Asian Leadership. Tokyo: United Nations University Press.